1.    Payments. Students who suspend the payment of tuition fees for at least two academic years without applying for the career interruption referred to in Art. 45, must pay, from September 1, 2023, until November 9, 2023, a fixed fee of €455 per year of suspension in lieu of tuition fees and accrued fines. This amount is also due by students enrolled in part-time learning (Art. 50). The amount due will be available on Infostud.

2.    Students who only need to take the final degree exam, when resuming their academic career must pay a fixed fee for each year of suspension amounting to 290 euros (regardless of the number of years of suspension) in lieu of tuition fees and of accrued fines (such amount must be entered manually by the Student Affairs Office). The Student Affairs Office, upon request, will produce the amount due on Infostud. The request must be sent by e-mail from the student's institutional e-mail address, using the Domanda/Istanza form, published on the Student Forms page, Downloads section

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For the year in which the student applies for graduation, tuition fees will be due in the amount determined according to the student's Isee, including fines for late payment.

3.    Students who suspend payments for one year only without applying for the career interruption provided for in Art. 45 pay, in addition to the enrolment tuition fees due for the ongoing year, arrears tuition fees based on the Isee valid for the year of suspension (if declared), including fines for late payment. If the Isee for the year of suspension has not been declared, arrears tuition fees will be due on the basis of the Isee valid for the year of resumption. In order to communicate their Isee, students must submit a stamped application using the "Domanda" form available on the university website on the Student forms page, uploading their Isee declaration. Before submitting the application, it is necessary to check on Infostud that a valid identity document has been uploaded (section "Profile>Personal documents").

4.    Disabled students, with a disability rating of 66% or higher, with a disability certificate pursuant to Article 3, paragraphs 1 and 3 of Law no. 104 of February 5, 1992, or with duly certified severe and prolonged disabilities (pursuant to Article 9 of Legislative Decree 68/2012) who have suspended their studies and have not exceeded the deadline for obtaining their degree, may resume their studies by paying €30 for each year of suspension as reimbursement of tuition fees.

5.    Certificates. The years in which the suspension of payments occurred are calculated for the purposes of career progression and the calculation of the additional years (fuoricorso) and the deadlines for obtaining the degree. For the years of "de facto" suspension, the certificates issued by the University bear the indication of the last year of actual enrolment (identified with the payment of the first instalment) and the wording "in the a.y. ... has regularised the administrative-accounting position of the academic years ...". They then indicate the effectiveness of enrolment for the ongoing academic year.

6.    Exams. No exams can be taken during the de facto suspension period under penalty of annulment of such exams.



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