1.    Only to degree programmes according to academic system pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 270/04. The change of academic system provides for different procedures according to the different academic system of the degree programme of origin and to the requisites and access procedures provided for the new degree programme. The change of academic system may be made only to degree programmes belonging to academic systems pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 270/04. The change to such degree programmes and the relating ECTS recognition are made according to special conversion tables prepared by the Faculty.

2.    Procedures. Students applying for a change of academic system shall:

-      enrol in the 2019-2020 academic year to the old degree programme, by paying the first instalment within November 4, 2019;

-      submit an application on plain paper to change academic system (by indicating the academic system of origin and the new one and by attaching their curriculum, if provided) by November 4, 2019, after paying the first instalment of tuition fees.

The application may be submitted:

-      to the front desk of the Student Office during opening hours;

-      from the students’ certified email address to Sapienza certified email address;

-      from the students’ institutional email address (see art. 53) to the email address of their Student Office, by attaching a copy of their ID document.

3.    Exam conversion. The Programme Area Councils peruse the position of each student and the latter can examine the suggested conversion. In case they agree with it, the competent Student Office changes the academic system after the Faculty’s resolutions have been issued.

4.   Restrictions for enrolment in restricted access degree programmes. Changes of academic system to enrol in restricted access degree programmes are allowed only if students have acquired at least 40 ECTS to enrol in the second year of bachelor’s degree programmes and at least 200 ECTS (180+20) to enrol in the second year of master’s degree programmes, subject to achievement of the bachelor’s degree.

5.    Restrictions for enrolment in master’s degree programmes without restricted access. Students who intend to apply for a change of academic system to enrol in a master’s degree programme without restricted access must follow the procedures referred to in art. 8 of these Regulations.

6.   Payments. If students apply for a change of academic system for a degree programme that is the direct transformation of the degree programme the student is enrolled in, such change is free of charge. In all the other cases, implying virtually a change of degree programme, students must pay a € 65 fee for transfer costs.

7.   Incompatibility with part-time learning. It is not possible to submit, during the same academic year, an application for part-time learning (art. 50) and an application to change academic system.

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