1.    Students may obtain a degree programme shortening when changing to another Sapienza degree programme (art. 10), transferring from other universities (art. 44), applying for exam recognition after withdrawal from studies (art. 48), applying for exam recognition after forfeiture of student status (art. 34), changing academic system (art. 38), upon a new enrolment when they already hold an Italian or foreign degree (art. 17) or, as provided for by the General Academic Regulations, if they have completed an Advanced Professional Course or a Training/Advanced Training Course. In the two latter cases, maximum 12 ECTS will be recognised.

2.    Students holding a foreign degree must send the application for degree programme shortening within January, pursuant to the procedures provided for by art. 17, paragraphs 2 and 3, of these Regulations. The application must carry in attachment, besides the documents required for enrolment (see art. 16, paragraph 4), a copy of the course programmes detailed by discipline, with the indication of the hours of lecture attended and the theoretical and practical activities provided for the achievement of the foreign degree, carrying the original stamp of the university and translated into Italian. For such document, no legalisation is required.

3.    The other students must send their application to the Student Affairs Office of their degree programme.

4.    Application deadline and submission modalities. Students holding an Italian degree must send an application on stamped paper within 15 days after the enrolment date (i.e., from payment of the first instalment) by using the “Domanda” form, available at in the “Student Forms” section. The application must request the “assessment of the former study plan for programme shortening purposes”. Before submitting the application, students must check whether their valid identity document has been correctly uploaded on Infostud in the “Profile>Personal Documents” section.

5.    Assessment of the study plan and change of academic year. The educational bodies of the degree programme, after assessing the students’ former career, will establish the year in which they may be enrolled, according to the number of exams which may be recognised, and the Student Affairs Office will process such change.

In case of enrolment in a master’s degree programme, students cannot use, when applying for degree programme shortening, either their bachelor’s degree or, in case of a degree programme belonging to an academic system before Ministerial Decree no. 509/99, the exams that have been used for entry requirements assessment.

6.    Change in the amount of tuition fees. After the change of academic year, resolved upon by the educational bodies, and of the tuition fee group which the new programme belongs to, Infostud could issue a balance on the amount of tuition fees, that will be applied to the following instalments.


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