1.    Admission test for skills assessment. To enrol in a degree programme providing for an admission test for skills assessment, students must undergo said test according to the procedures indicated in the call for applications of each degree programme. The call for applications is issued at least 60 days before the date of the admission test and is available at It is possible to sit more than one admission test, by paying with the paying-in slip relating to each test.

2.   Enrolment procedures. Candidates may enrol in such degree programmes, regardless of the score achieved in the admission test, by paying the first instalment of tuition fees (or by making a one-off payment) from September 2, 2019 until November 4, 2019.

3.   Additional Learning Requirements (OFA). Candidates’ placement in the list under the threshold set forth in each call for applications, though not affecting their possibility to enrol, may entail the assignation of some Additional Learning Requirements. They have to be mandatorily fulfilled according to the procedures established by each faculty in the call for applications of each degree programme, and at all events within the first academic year. Should such Additional Learning Requirements not be fulfilled by the end of the first academic year, students will not be able to take the exams of the years following the first. All information about Additional Learning Requirements is available at

4.   Late enrolments. Enrolments, if any, made beyond the deadline of November 4, 2019 shall be submitted by means of an application on stamped paper to the Student Office within December 20, 2019 and by paying a € 65.00 additional fee. Students who make a late enrolment without having taken the test for skills assessment must verify at the faculty’s Student Office whether any additional tests are scheduled and pay a € 35.00 fee. If the faculty does not organise such additional tests, the candidates interested in late enrolment will have to pay in any case a € 35.00 fee and will be assigned an Additional Learning Requirement. The above shall not apply to degree programmes providing for TOLC tests.

5.   Validity of the admission test for skills assessment for other degree programmes. Students who undergo an admission test for skills assessment (at Sapienza or at other universities) to enrol in a bachelor’s degree programme or a single cycle master’s degree programme may also enrol in other open access degree programmes, specified in each call for applications, without sitting a new test.

6.   Programme shortening and part-time learning. With regard to the applications for programme shortening and part-time learning, reference should be made to artt. 49 and 50 of these Regulations.

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