1.    Curricular requisites and personal skills. Enrolment in master’s degree programmes without restricted access is subject to the possession of the curricular requisites provided for by the Educational regulations of each degree programme and to the assessment of personal skills.

The curricular requisites, that students have to hold before enrolment, and the assessment procedures of personal skills established by each faculty are available on the webpage of each degree programme in the Course Catalogue at

Graduates who are not in possession of the ECTS required to meet the admission requirements may enrol in single courses according to the procedures described in art. 41 of these Regulations, whereas students who have not graduated yet may take exams pursuant to former art. 6 of Royal Decree no. 1269/38 according to the procedures described in art. 42 of these Regulations.

2.    Deadline for the assessment of requisites. Starting from July 16, 2019, all students (graduated both from Sapienza and from other universities) must go to and follow the procedures to print the “application for the assessment of requisites” of the programme of choice.

The system will generate a paying-in slip of the amount of € 10, which serves at the same time as application, self-certification of personal data and privacy disclaimer and that shall be paid within one of the following deadlines, at students’ choice:

  • September 16, 2019
  • October 14, 2019
  • November 14, 2019
  • December 16, 2019
  • January 14, 2020 (only for Sapienza graduands and graduates)

3.    Graduates coming from other universities. Such students shall:

-      register on Infostud;

-      check whether the title of study has been properly entered into in the “Personal data” section;

-      check whether the status of graduand/graduate has been correctly updated;

-      make the payment of € 10 by means of the paying-slip;

-      submit a self-certification with the list of the exams taken, the scientific disciplinary sectors corresponding to the courses and the relating programmes.

Submission may be made by hand at the front desk of the Student Office or by means of registered letter with return receipt addressed to Settore Segreteria studenti of _____ (indicate the relating faculty or the Student Office in case of interfaculty degree programmes) – Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 – 00185 Rome, by enclosing a copy of a valid ID document. The Student Office will request confirmation of the information supplied by students from the students’ university of origin. The delivery procedures may change according to the faculty of origin and are indicated at on the degree programme webpages. Failure to submit one’s academic career or any unsuccessful result in the assessment of curricular requisites will prevent students from enrolling in that specific degree programme.

4.    Graduands. Should the Educational regulations provide for it, also students who have not graduated yet from Sapienza or other Italian universities may apply to have their requisites assessed, without prejudice to the obligation to graduate by January 20, 2020 (for Sapienza students) and by December 20, 2019 (for students coming from other Italian universities).

5.   Results of assessments. All students who apply to have their curricular requisites assessed and make the payment of € 10 by means of the paying-in slip within the prescribed deadlines will be communicated the result of their application assessment to the email address they indicated on Infostud.

6.    Enrolment procedures and deadlines. Enrolment deadlines vary according to the date of graduation and communication of the results of the curricular requisites assessment The following deadlines must be complied with even if the paying-slip automatically carries the deadline of January 31, 2020.

a)    Students who graduated within October 31, 2019 must enrol and pay the first instalment of tuition fees (or make a one-off payment of all the three of them), the regional tax and the stamp duty within November 4, 2019 if they have successfully undergone the curricular requisites assessment. Should they do not pay the instalments in a one-off solution, the second instalment must be paid within December 20, 2019 and the third instalment within March 30, 2020.

b)    Students who graduated between November 1, 2019 and January 19, 2020 must enrol and pay the first instalment of tuition fees (or make a one-off payment of all the three of them), the regional tax and the stamp duty within January 30, 2020, the second instalment within January 31, 2020 and the third instalment within March 30, 2020. Please note that, in case of separate payments, the following instalment must be paid at least 24 hours after the payment of the previous instalment, but in any case all instalments must be paid within the prescribed deadlines not to incur additional fees.

7.   2019 ISEE. The ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator) valid for tuition fee exemption is the 2019 ISEE acquired in real time by Sapienza University subject to the students’ consent on Infostud.

8.   Programme shortening and part-time learning. With regard to the applications for programme shortening and part-time learning, reference should be made to artt. 49 and 50 of these Regulations.

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