This article indicates the cases in which the one-off tuition fee is a fixed amount, regardless of the ISEE value, that is due in case students are not entitled to more favourable reductions as per article 20. Students who pay the fixed amount one-off tuition fee must pay at all events the stamp duty and the regional tax, if any. The exemptions from the regional tax are determined by Regione Lazio and by Sapienza Lazio Disco according to their own criteria.

1.   The following categories pay a fixed amount equal to € 30:

a.    successful and eligible candidates of the list for the scholarships awarded by Regione Lazio through Lazio Disco (art. 22);

b.    recipients of Italian or foreign government scholarships of at least nine-month duration allocated for enrolment in degree programmes (with the exception of single courses or semesters). The € 30 paying-in slip, to which that of the regional tax must be added, must be withdrawn at the Student Office upon submission of the documents evidencing the award of scholarship. Students with a foreign degree must go to Hello Help Desk – Foreign Students.

Students taking part in an Erasmus Mundus programme that lasts 10 months or more are not entitled to exemption.

Students enrolled in e-learning degree programmes in agreement with Consorzio Nettuno and in tele-teaching degree programmes in agreement with Unitelma online University are not entitled to exemption (art. 26).

c.    most deserving students (art. 25)

d.    students sentenced to measures involving restrictions on liberty or deprivation of liberty who cannot issue an ISEE declaration;

e.    students enrolled in the School for Advanced Studies;

f.     students to whom the Rector granted a “one-off” exemption. The “one-off” exemption is an exceptional relief, granted to students who are in specific and proven disadvantaged conditions and having an ISEE value below € 13,000, enrolled in a degree programme and who took at least one exam in the academic year prior to the application for exemption. Such exemption may be granted only once. The Rector may also grant a partial “one-off” exemption on the due tuition fees;

g.    recipients of the Honours Programme bonus (art. 23);

h.    students falling within one of the categories indicated in art. 30 of Legislative Decree no. 118 of 1971;

i.     students to whom special sports merits have been recognised (art. 25);

j.     the first two winners of the Chemistry Olympiads who enrol in the Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry degree programmes.


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