1.    Graduands. Graduands are students who, by the submission date of the degree application, have acquired the 96% (rounded down) of the ECTS provided for by their degree programme, except those provided for the final exam (unless otherwise provided for by each Faculty).

2.    Tuition fees for students graduating within January 28, 2021. Graduands of all degree programmes are exempted from payment of tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year if they graduate within January 28, 2021. Should they not graduate within the above date, or not be successful in the final exam, they will have to pay the first and second instalment of tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year (without any additional fee for late payment) within January 29, 2021 and the third instalment within March 31, 2021.

The degree sessions starting from February 1, 2021 will be relating to the 2020-2021 academic year. The above calendar does not apply to the Health Professions degree programmes, for which the regulations in force provide for two degree sessions per each academic year (the first one in October – November and the second one in March – April). Consequently, the 2021 March – April session refers to the 2019-2020 academic year and therefore no payment of tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year will be due.

3.    Tuition fees for students graduating within March 31, 2021. Graduands who paid the first and second instalment of tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year and who graduate within March 31, 2021 do not pay the third instalment, that will be cancelled on Infostud by the reference Student Affairs Office. Such provision will not apply for part-time students (resolution of the Board of Directors of December 9, 2009).

4.    Choice of the supervisor and of the thesis subject. The final exam of bachelor’s degree programmes provides for the submission of a thesis. Students agree with a teacher a subject chosen among the topics of the basic, core, related or additional courses of a scientific-disciplinary sector included in their study plan. The final exam of master’s degree programmes provides for the drawing up of a thesis that must be an original piece of work, prepared under the supervision of a teacher. Students agree its subject with their supervisor, in one of the scientific-disciplinary sectors included in their study plan. Graduands are entitled to have a thesis subject and supervisor assigned at least six months prior to the completion of their study programme and at all events within maximum 30 days after the relating application has been filed with the competent bodies.

In the event that the supervisor chosen by graduands is not available, the latter shall be chosen by the Programme Coordinator.

5.    Preparation of the thesis. During the preparation of the thesis, supervisors are bound to support students in their work. Students have the duty to draw up a piece of work, according to the directions agreed upon, by declaring the sources used, sticking to the scientific conventions of the special study field and also acknowledging other people’s work.

The duration and commitment of the thesis work must be proportional to the number of ECTS assigned to the same.

A thesis is an intellectual and creative work having scientific contents and is protected by copyright law (Law no. 633/1941).

6.    Submission of the degree application. The deadlines and procedures relating to the degree application and the final exam are published on the webpage of each degree programme at in the Course Catalogue, “Graduation” section.

The degree application may be withdrawn and submitted in a following degree session (repeat) with the same procedures provided for the first submission.

Upon submission of degree application, students have to mandatorily fill-in the Alma Laurea questionnaire according to the procedures available at

7.    Final piece of work – thesis. The submission procedure of the degree application provides for that the final piece of work or thesis, if provided, be enclosed exclusively online.

8.    Assessment of the students’ academic career for graduation purposes. Before admitting students to the final exam, the Student Affairs Office must verify the regularity of payments and their entire academic career, so as to ascertain whether it is compliant with the academic system, to the Programme Regulations of their degree programme and/or with their academic career, if available and authorised by the educational bodies. Such evaluation will also take the number of ECTS provided for and the preliminary exams, if any, into account. Students who have not duly complied with such fulfilments will not be admitted to the final exam.

9.    Early graduation. Students may graduate one session in advance, provided that they have been expressly authorised to take in advance single exams by the Programme Coordinator and the final exam by the Faculty Commission (resolution of the Academic Senate of November 22, 2005).

The most deserving students, who have obtained from the Faculty the authorisation to take exams in advance and who have passed them with a grade average of 29/30, may take the final exam one year earlier (resolution of the Academic Senate of December 15, 2009).

Students who apply for early graduation (one semester or a full year earlier) if compared to the degree session established, if any, by the Degree Programme Commission of their degree programme, must pay at all events the tuition fees for the final year which they enrol in.

10.   Degree certificate. The degree certificate must be collected at the Student Affairs Office. Graduates will be communicated by email (at their institutional email account, as per art. 53) when the degree certificate is available for collection. In case of loss, students may request a duplicate by sending an application on stamped paper from their institutional email account to the email address of the reference Student Affairs Office, by using the “Domanda” form available at Sapienza website in the “Student Forms” section, by attaching a copy of their valid ID document and the loss report or a self-certification of the same. The Student Affairs Office will issue an authorisation to pay a € 75 fee, to be submitted to the Central Supply and Warehouse of the university.

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