1.    € 30 fee for students who achieved an upper secondary diploma with a 100/100 or 100 with honours grade (most deserving students). Students who completed their upper secondary school in the 2018-2019 school year with a 100/100 or 100 with honours grade and who enrol in a bachelor’s or single cycle master’s degree programme in the 2019-2020 academic year only pay a one-off fixed amount of € 30, if no more favourable reductions referred to in art. 20 apply.

Such students must also pay the € 16 stamp duty and the € 140 regional tax.

2.    Requisites (for most deserving students) to be entitled to pay a € 30 fee also in years following the first (within the regular course of studies):

  • to be recognised as “most deserving student” in the year before the one in which they have applied for such benefit;
  • to have achieved within August 10 at least 40 ECTS relating to the academic year prior to that in which they apply for such benefit, besides all the other ECTS provided for the previous academic years. All ECTS must have been achieved with an average grade of 28/30 and with grades not lower than 27. The grade average must be an arithmetic average;
  • in case of enrolment in the first year of the master’s degree programme, in addition to the above requisites, to have obtained the degree in the 2018-2019 academic year with a final grade of 110/110 or 110 with honours.

3.    Recognisable and non-recognisable ECTS. The following ECTS will be valid:

  • the ECTS provided for by the Manifesto of the relevant degree programme whose value is expressed with a description (“eligible/not eligible” rather than in numerical grades (thirtieths);
  • the ECTS acquired after validation of exams passed abroad within the framework of mobility programmes;
  • the qualifying exams and the exams must be recorded by means of Infostud. The qualifying exams and/or exemptions which in some degree programmes are carried out to assess the student’s knowledge during the course by way of mid-term tests and are not recorded on Infostud, cannot be taken into account.

The following ECTS will not be valid:

  • the ECTS acquired by taking extracurricular exams pursuant to art. 6 of Royal Decree no. 1269/38 (art. 42);
  • the ECTS acquired by taking exams relating to single courses (art. 41);
  • the ECTS recognised for programme shortenings (art. 49).

4.   Graduates from other Italian universities. Students who have graduated from other Italian universities and who enrol in the first year of a master’s degree programme may benefit from the “deserving student” exemption, provided that the requirements set forth in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this article are met in the university of origin. The application for exemption must be submitted, within the payment deadline of the first instalment, that must be paid in full, to the Student Office concerned, by submitting a self-certification of the studies carried out and by indicating in particular the possession of the needed requisites. Such students are not allowed to enter by themselves the status of “deserving student” on Infostud. After requisite assessment, the balance of the following instalments will be made.

5.    Grounds for exclusion. Students who change academic system (art. 38), degree programme (art. 10), who enrol in part-time learning (art. 50), who fail exams, albeit only once or who have achieved a foreign degree cannot benefit from this exemption.

6.    Student-athletes with sports merits. Student-athletes are students regularly enrolled in the university who have both the following requisites:

1)    achievement of national and international special competitive sports merits in the solar year of application for enrolment or in the previous one;

2)    achievement of at least 18 ECTS per each academic year of enrolment; in case of just enrolled students, 6 ECTS out of the above 18 must be achieved within the first session of exams.

The special competitive sports merits are those achieved by:

a)    Olympic, paralympic, absolute and category athletes (Italian, European or world) in winter and summer Olympic and/or paralympic disciplines;

b)    athletes called by the Federation they belong to in order to represent Italy in winter and summer Olympic and/or paralympic disciplines;

c)    athletes of the companies of professional team sports as per Law no. 91/1981 (law on sports professionalism) who take part in federal championships and whose teams ranked within the first 3 positions in the solar year of application for enrolment or in the previous one.

The above students are granted by the university the exemption from payment of tuition fees, except the one-off fee of € 30 as per art. 21 of these Regulations.

Students obtaining the status of athletes must ensure the participation in 2 presentation and orientation initiatives organised by the university according to the procedures indicated, under penalty of forfeiting their benefit the following year.

The application to have the status of student-athlete acknowledged must be submitted every year by using the form available at, in the “Student forms” section and sending it by email to the competent Student Office within November 4, 2019 (for the 2019-2020 academic year).

The application must carry in attachment the documentation evidencing the sports merits as indicated above, issued by the National Federation of reference or by the sports association which the athletes as per letter c) belong to. Applicants must pay, within the above deadline and according to the prescribed procedures, the overall amount of € 186 (inclusive of the € 30 one-off fee, the regional tax and the stamp duty virtually paid). The application will be assessed by the competent commission that will accept or reject it within one month after submission. In case of rejection, students must request the 2019 ISEE calculation and pay the balance generated by Infostud together with the second instalment.

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