1.   Who may apply for a career suspension. Students enrolled in the first or in the following years of a degree programme (with the exception of part-time students as referred to in art. 50) may apply to have their career “suspended” and enrol in a degree programme of a different cycle and class, provided that they meet the requirements needed for the admission to such a programme, that they are regular students and up to date with the payment of tuition fees. It is pointed out that, in compliance with Ministerial Decree of September 28, 2011, issued by MIUR, contemporary enrolment is allowed between first cycle and second cycle degree programmes and Higher Education Institutions in Music and Dance (see art. 9 of these Regulations).

Students enrolled in single cycle degree programmes cannot apply for a career suspension to enrol in bachelor’s degree programmes and vice-versa; in case, they may apply for a change of degree programme.

2.    Submission of the application. The application, on stamped paper, must be submitted from July 16 and November 4, 2019 or at all events within the deadline for enrolment in the other degree programme.

The application may be submitted:

-      to the front desk of the Student Office during opening hours;

-      by means of registered letter with return receipt addressed to Settore Segreteria studenti of _____ (indicate the relating faculty or the Student Office in case of interfaculty degree programmes) – Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 – 00185 Rome, by enclosing a copy of a valid ID document.

3.    Exams. Students who suspend their academic career cannot take any exams of the degree programme for which they requested a suspension, for the whole period of suspension, under penalty of cancellation. Such rule also applies to exams relating to academic years preceding the application for career suspension. Upon career resumption, on no account will the studies carried out or the exams taken both in Italy and abroad during that suspension be considered as valid.

4.    Duration of the career suspension. The duration of the career suspension is equal to the time needed to achieve the other degree. The duration of the career suspension to continue studies abroad is limited to the standard term of the degree programme, regardless of the time spent by the student to achieve the degree.

5.    Resumption of the academic career. No fees are due to resume the academic career. Students who resume their career must submit to the Student Office an application on plain paper together with a self-certification of the degree achieved (the original certificate is required for studies carried out abroad) or, alternatively, a copy of the withdrawal from the other degree programme. Such application must be submitted within the deadline prescribed for the payment of the first instalment of tuition fees provided for the academic year they are resuming their career in. It is pointed out that degree programmes, over the years, might have been cancelled; therefore students, at the end of their career suspension, might have to change the degree programme they requested a suspension for.

The application may be submitted:

-      to the front desk of the Student Office during opening hours;

-      from the students’ certified email address to Sapienza certified email address;

-      from the students’ email address, by attaching a copy of a valid ID document.

6. Continuation of studies abroad. Students enrolled in a degree programme may apply to continue their studies abroad following the same procedures indicated in paragraph 2 above.

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