1.    Withdrawal from studies entails the cancellation of the students’ entire academic career and therefore the cancellation of all the exams taken.

2.   When and how to submit application. Students can withdraw from studies at any time. Withdrawal must be submitted by means of a written declaration on stamped paper.

The application may be submitted:

-      to the front desk of the Student Office during opening hours;
-      by means of registered letter with return receipt addressed to the University of Rome “La Sapienza” Area Servizi agli Studenti – Settore Segreteria studenti of _____ (indicate the relating faculty or the Student Office in case of interfaculty degree programmes) – Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 – 00185 Rome, by enclosing a copy of a valid ID document.

3.   Tuition fees and outstanding tuition fees. Withdrawal does not entitle students to any reimbursement of the tuition fees already paid, though they are not required to pay outstanding tuition fees, if any.

4.   Exam recognition after a new enrolment. After having withdrawn from studies, it is possible to enrol again in the same or in another degree programme, provided that they belong to an academic system pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 270/04.

In exceptional cases (at the discretion of the competent educational bodies) it is possible for students to request the recognition of the exams taken before withdrawal; in such events, students will have to submit an application on stamped paper according to the procedures provided for in paragraph 2.

ECTS recognition after withdrawal is only possible if students, when applying for exam recognition, have not achieved another degree in another Sapienza or other universities degree programme.

5.    Payments for ECTS recognition. ECTS recognition entails the payment of a fixed fee of € 290 for each academic year between withdrawal from studies and the application for recognition, up to maximum € 4,500. The paying-in slip must be requested from the Student Office, that will calculate the amount due. If students had outstanding tuition fees when they withdrew from studies, the fixed fee will also apply to academic years with outstanding payments. If the new enrolment takes place during the year immediately subsequent to withdrawal and if students do not have any outstanding payments in the academic year of withdrawal, the sum to be paid is the amount of the tuition fees relating to the academic year of new enrolment and no fixed fee applies. If, on the contrary, students did not pay the tuition fees in the academic year of withdrawal, the sum to be paid is the amount of the tuition fees relating to the academic year of new enrolment (+ regional tax + stamp duty) and also the fixed fee.

Students having a disability equal to or higher than 66% or a certificate of disability pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, of law of February 5, 1992, no. 104 will pay a fixed fee of € 30 (+ regional tax + stamp duty).

6.    Withdrawing students coming from other universities. Applications for ECTS recognition subsequent to withdrawal from studies must be submitted at the same time of the enrolment application in the new degree programme and cannot be submitted in subsequent years. Students must specify on the application for ECTS recognition the student ID number obtained upon registration on Infostud at and must pay the amounts indicated in paragraph 5 above. The Student Office will retrieve the students’ academic career from the university of origin.

7.         Non-EU students having a residence permit. Withdrawal from studies requested by non-EU citizens with a residence permit for study purposes entails the loss of their residence permit and therefore will prevent them from enrolling in other Italian universities in the same academic year. To enrol in subsequent academic years, students must go to the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country from April to June and follow the procedures provided for.


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