Coronavirus, advice for the Sapienza Community

On this page, all members of our community can find information and guidelines for university activities based on the current COVID-19 regulations. Read here if you need to report a COVID-19 case

How to report COVID-19 positive cases

For Sapienza staff

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Self-reporting for students 

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COVID-19 emergency

Since September 2020, the University has updated its precautionary measures, with new documents for the different activities and guidelines for classroom teaching.
The doctors of the Specialisation School in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine of Sapienza University, supported by the University Communication Office and the InfoSapienza Centre, created a video which illustrates the four fundamental rules to face the resumption of activities after the COVID-19 emergency in complete safety for oneself and others.

Here the four steps in English:

  • Wash your hands, and do it often. Use water and soap or hydroalcoholic solutions.
  • With fever or other respiratory symptoms, stay at home—for example, cough, cold, sore throat, gastrointestinal symptoms, alterations in smell or taste.
  • Physical distancing is very important. Two metres (around six feet) or more but never less than 1 metre.
  • Wear your mask at all times in public spaces and when you cannot keep the six-foot rule.

Watch the video (in Italian) and download the flyer (in Italian)

Free swabs for students

COVID-19: free swabs for students at Sapienza

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Prevention and protection measures for in-person activities and handbook for in-person educational activities

Since September 2020, with the resumption of in-person educational activities, our COVID-19 prevention and protection measures have been updated, and a handbook on how to organise in-person educational activities safely has been published.


How to access Sapienza 

Since June 2020 a new online procedure for access to the Sapienza offices has been active.

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Lectures, exams and graduation session

Lectures for the 2020-21 academic year, exams and graduation sessions will continue both in-person and online according to the measures indicated by the competent authorities. Click on the following page for more information:  

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Online Services and Office Hours

Services for students will be manly online. Please visit the single structure's webpage for more information. For further information and updates about the Administrative Offices, please visit the general webpage. Click on the Student Affairs Offices

Professors will continue their office hours mainly by email.

Internships and Student Collaboration Scholarships  

Internships and student-collaboration scholarships will continue as permitted by the anti-COVID provisions. Detailed information can be found on the following pages.

Physical disabilities and specific learning difficulties 


Student-collaboration scholarships 

Offices working remotely and in person

From September 2020, our offices will be delivering their services both in-person and online (except for the Student Affairs Offices and student information services, which will continue mainly online). Our staff will be working in the offices or from home based on shifts rigorously scheduled as provided for by the internal circulars.
For telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, click on the Central Administration's organizational chart or our Directory.

Instructions for Sapienza staff

Instructions for Sapienza staff, employers and employees, about COVID-19 emergency, as well as for any risk situations related to airborne infectious diseases, are available on the following page.

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Sapienza Task Force

Sapienza University of Rome, to preserve the university community’s health, is implementing the protective measures issued by the Italian Health Authorities against the COVID-19. A task force has been set up, composed of scientific experts and prevention office managers. The task force has been carefully following the international and national epidemiological development and the updates given on official sources.


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