Coronavirus, advice for the Sapienza Community

Sapienza University of Rome, to preserve the university community’s health, is implementing protective measures issued by the Italian Health Authorities against the COVID-19. Information and updates for our community are available on this page. #SapienzaNonSiFerma


Message from the Rector to University Hospitals Staff - Read the message 

The Rector Eugenio Gaudio wrote a thank you message to the University Hospitals Staff  
Read the message (pdf - in Italian)


Message from the Rector to Sapienza Students - Read the message 

The Rector Eugenio Gaudio wrote a message to Sapienza students about the Covid-19 emergency 
Read the message (pdf - in Italian)

Tuition fee payment deadline extended until June 15, 2020  [18.03.2020 update]

Tuition fee payment deadline extended until June 15, 2020 [18.03.2020 update]. 

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Online classes, exams and graduation sessions  [22.03.2020 Update]

According to the instructions issued by the competent authorities (Prime Minister Decree, March 9, 2020), classes, exams and graduation sessions will be online until April 3, 2020.Exams will be resumed from March 23. Read the news

To facilitate off-campus teaching and learning activities during this period of in-person class suspension, the InfoSapienza ICT Area selected a few easy technological solutions for professors and students. These tools will help them manage and deliver digital contents remotely. Click on the page

Online Internships and Student Collaboration Scholarships  -  [16.03.2020 Update]

Student Collaboration Scholarships (150 hours) can start again remotely if the individual structure considers it doable and appropriate.

We recommend paying specific attention to mentoring activities for students with disabilities and LD. Curricular and extracurricular traineeship activities have been suspended, with the exception of traineeships for medical doctors and healthcare professionals as established on the 8-9.03.2020 Prime Minister Decree. Only curricular internships can start again remotely where applicable. [16.03.2020 update]

Physical and Learning Disabilities

Internships and Stages 

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Online Services and Office Hours

Until April 3 (unless noted otherwise), the services for students will be manly online. Please visit the single structure's webpage for more information. For further information and updates about the Administrative Offices, please visit the general webpage. Click on the Student Affairs Offices

Professors will continue their office hours remotely. 

Elections for Student Representatives postponed [20.03.2020 Update]

As per Rector Decree n. 949, 20.02.2020, the elections for the renewal of student representatives are postponed until further notice  [20.03.2020 Update] Click on the page

Offices working remotely

Sapienza Offices will continue their activities remotely. Most of the employees are currently working from home to guarantee the service. We are also considering special phone numbers for each administrative area, connected to the employee's laptop who can guarantee the same service from home. Identical procedures will be progressively adopted by all the Sapienza structures. If you need to find a phone number or an email address please look up the Central Administration's organisation chart, the list of the Sapienza structures/buildings, and our “Annuario” (directory).

Central Administration/Management 

Fundraising for Coronavirus emergency

The Rector exhorts our university community to donate to the hospitals that are currently dealing with the COVID-19 medical emergency. Click on the page

Conferences and events suspended, libraries and museums closed

According to the 8.03.2020 Prime Minister Decree, conferences, seminars and academic events are suspended. University museums and libraries are now closed.

Sports activities suspended - SapienzaSport videos for home workout

According to the 8.03.2020 Regione Lazio Ordinance, "SapienzaSport" activities are suspended. The SapienzaSport Center has posted a few videos to do some gymnastics at home
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Coronavirus: Erasmus + Guidelines 

Online psychological counselling for Sapienza and Erasmus + students

At such an emotionally stressful moment, Sapienza is maintaining and reinforcing its psychological counselling service for students. This service is particularly intended for off-campus students, incoming students and outgoing Sapienza students currently studying abroad. The Sapienza Psychological Counselling Centre of the Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology is now working online. You can mail it at to activate the following telephonic step.

The “Noibene” service, by the Department of Psychology, offers online and blended modules, available to our students wherever they are. Individual, group sessions, and specific modules for “psychological ER” are available.

Visit the Sapienza Counselling Services webpage

Sapienza Task Force

Sapienza University of Rome, to preserve the university community’s health, is implementing the protective measures issued by the Italian Health Authorities against the COVID-19. A task force has been set up, composed of scientific experts and prevention office managers. The task force has been carefully following the international and national epidemiological development and the updates given on official sources.

Best practices for infection prevention and control

We are asking our students and technical-administrative staff to cooperate and comply with the recommendations and protective measures issued by the competent authorities.

A team of Chinese experts from Wuhan produced a document with important instructions for COVID-19 infection prevention and control. The specialists, who collaborate with Sapienza, have faced the epidemic first hand. A highly appreciated act of solidarity and a very helpful instrument for our staff and students. 

Read the document (in Italian)

Instructions for Sapienza staff

Sapienza staff has received detailed instructions on how to handle potential risky situations related to airborne infectious diseases, among which COVID-19.

Rules for those coming from locations at risk

Please remember that people who travelled to (or simply stopped over) the outbreak areas in China or any other location at risk, as listed by the health authorities, in the last 14 days, must contact the prevention department of the local health office (ASL), territorially competent for each University location, following the Regione Lazio Order 26.02.2020.
Regione Lazio Order (in Italian).

Thursday, 12 March 2020

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