COVID-19 Phase 2: in-person and online exams and graduation sessions

During phase 2, exams and graduation sessions can be taken in person and remotely: students who need it can access our University to take their online exams in our structures or directly in person.

Professors can choose their favourite modality based on the type of course and number of potential students attending the session:

  • online exam
  • in-person exam (professors must guarantee the online version of the same test for students who cannot be physically present).

Safety is our priority. Everyone who carries out in-person activities in our University must read the safety measures provided for by the current regulations, and our “Vademecum” on prevention and protection measures as per 26/04/2020 Prime Minister Decree on the dedicated page. 

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Safety and Prevention measures

Safety measures recommended for in-person exams. It is necessary:

  • To organise small groups of students who have to take their in-person examinations and thoroughly schedule their appointments so as to avoid waits and gatherings also by arranging exam dates in more the one day.
  • To avoid sharing personal items: books, pens, paper sheets, exam receipt etc.


As for safety measures:

  • All  present students and academic staff must wear masks;
  • All present students and academic staff must sanitise their hands before entering the room;
  • In case of written exams, please pay attention to the worksheets management. Favour, when possible, digital submissions such as scanning the essays and sending them through the exam.net platform or “quarantining” them for 24h. 
  • Avoid gatherings, do not linger in common indoor spaces (hallways, entrances, lobbies), wear surgical masks at all times and keep the 2-metre interpersonal distance rule ( in any case not less than 1 metre).

Locations Management

The university Health and Safety Officers, as requested by classroom managers, evaluate the maximum permissible occupants per classroom (COVID – capacity) based on the Vademecum mentioned above and on the advice communicated by the university Surveillance and Security Office. They also help arrange the location in accordance with the following safety procedures: 

  • maximum permissible occupants per classroom (COVID – capacity);
  • Classroom's work stations to assign students and professors during the examination as recommended by the Surveillance and Security Office.

The person in charge of the structure where the classrooms are located, must: 

  1. prearrange hand sanitiser dispensers 
  2. report the cleaning company if it fails to sanitise classrooms, toilets, common spaces etc. thoroughly ;
  3. stock several surgical masks to give students in case of emergency or necessity; 
  4. prearrange posters and signs in the assigned classrooms and common areas as recommended by the Surveillance and Security Office;
  5. Manage flows of people entering and leaving classrooms and buildings 

Procedures for Students 

For the summer session examinations, students: 

  • Acknowledge the exam modality chosen by their professors via Infostud;
  • Book their exam dates within 15 days from its date (to allow the structure to arrange the locations accurately);
  • Inform of their inability to take the exam following the professor’s chosen modality:
  1. If the chosen modality is “in person”, and the student is unable to reach the location, they must mail the professor. The professor will then arrange an online version of the same exam session;
  2. if the chosen modality is “online” and the student is unable to take the online exam (i.e. lack of necessary devices, network issues), they must mail their Educational Affairs Office asking to take the online exam in the University; the Educational Affairs Office will then identify a specific workspace (pc with an internet connection) where the student will take the examination and inform them about the designated classroom.


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