Covid-19 Phase 3: in-person and online classes, exams and graduation sessions

2020-2021 Academic Year's lectures will be delivered in-person but students may attend remotely. Examinations and graduation sessions will continue in-person and online

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Lectures – in-person or online - will start from September 28, according to the calendar published on our course catalogue, in the “Attendance” section of each course. Go to the catalogue.

Professor will be delivering all their lectures, scheduled for the first semester of 2020-21, in-person, and students will be able to follow them both in-person, compatibly with the necessary security measures, and through online live sessions (synchronous mode). Sapienza guarantees the longest possible period of in-person lectures for all its students, regardless of the year of enrolment.


In-person lectures

In order to respect the interpersonal distancing established for health security, the capacity of each classroom has been reduced and the presence of students in the classroom will be organised in different time slots.

To attend in-person lectures you need to know:

  • the date and time of the lecture you want to attend, according to the calendar published on our course catalogue, in the “Attendance” section of each course. Go to the catalogue
  • the code of the building where the classroom is located. The building code is indicated on the lesson timetable;
  • your ID number and your Infostud password. If you are not yet enrolled at Sapienza, please read the instructions on the dedicated page and learn how to get your ID number and password, and choose your course. Go to the page;

To follow in-person lectures, please refer to the timetable below: check the last two digits of your ID number, and find your slot in the classroom.




Student ID with final digits


from 21/09 to 26/09

from 00 to 33*


from 28/09 to 3/10

from 34 to 66


from 5/10 to 10/10

from 67 to 99


from 12/10 to 17/10

from 00 to 49


from 19/10 to 24/10

from 50 to 99


from 26/10 to 31/10

from 00 to 49


from 2/11 to 7/11

from 50 to 99


*Shift 1 has been cancelled due to lectures starting from September 28 (as per decision of the Academic Senate of September 15, 2020).
Information on the following time slots will be communicated on this page.
For each slot, reservations can be made from Monday to Thursday of the previous week.
For example: for the shift starting on Monday, September 28, bookings for the week's classes start on Monday 21 and end on Thursday 24.
Book your place in the classroom through the Prodigit system.
Log in to Prodigit using your Infostud credentials: ID number and password. The online seat reservation system will provide you with a receipt for your reservations.
You must keep the receipt printed or saved on your mobile phone and show it to the security staff at the entrance of the Sapienza branches and whenever you will be asked to. 
Please Note: please save the summary page's receipts or take a screenshot to limit the number of simultaneous accesses to Prodigit that slow down system performance. Thank you for your cooperation.
Prodigit Log in 

For security reasons, the structure may plan to seat you in order of arrival (and therefore in a different place from the one booked): do not worry, the seat you booked is still guaranteed.

If you decide not to attend the booked lecture, please cancel your reservation to give access to a student on the waiting list.  If you failed to make your reservation and are on the waiting list, you may be notified if a seat becomes available. If not, you can take the lesson remotely.

Students with physical and learning disabilities who will be needing support to attend in-person lectures can contact the specific office following the usual procedures (

Online lectures

To follow lectures remotely, if you prefer this modality or if it is not your turn to book a place in the classroom, go to the course catalogue, select the course you are interested in and search the "Attend" section. For each subject, in your professor's page, you will find the link to the virtual classrooms to follow the online lectures. 
If you are a new student and have registered at Infostud you will receive an invitation to follow the online lesson at the email address you provided during registration. Please read the dedicated page for more information. 
To learn about the technologies used for distance learning, please read the dedicated page

Teaching and Learning 2020-21

As per July 7, 2020, Academic Senate decision:

  • Professors will be delivering in person all the 2020-21 courses scheduled for the first semester, regardless of the year of the course. Students can have access both in person, compatibly with the necessary safety measures, and remotely with live sessions, except for those courses with mandatory in-person attendance. Students will also have access to pre-recorded lectures and off-line educational material. Students who cannot attend in person – including international and off-campus students – can attend remotely.
  • university facilities will supply the largest number of physical classrooms at their disposal with multimedia equipment;
  • access to classrooms must be scheduled so as to guarantee all students, regardless of the year of enrolment, the possibility to attend in person as much as possible, with particular attention to first-year students;
  • the programme calendar must be optimized so that students can have continuous and non-split periods of presence in the classroom. It is also necessary to limit as much as possible the movement of students to distant classrooms/locations;
  • potential first-year students interested in degree programmes without admission test are required to register on Infostud from September 1, 2020, until September 15, 2020, and indicate the course(s) they intend to enrol in;
  • to access the classroom students will be asked to register through a reservation system set up for this purpose.

[10.07.2020 Update]

In-person lectures and COVID-19 prevention guidelines

[01/09/2020 Update]

Sapienza has developed a COVID-19 prevention vademecum for in-person lessons and classroom activities, with general guidelines and indications for specific cases. Please read it thoroughly and follow the rules.

Ministry of Health guidelines on people who have recovered from COVID-19 and travel arrangements

[02/09/2020 Update]

The Ministry of Health has issued updated documents on the definition of healed patient and travel arrangements.

Go to the page of the Ministry of Health for the definition of healed patient (in Italian)

Go to the page of the Ministry of Health on travel arrangements (in Italian) (Section "Italia")

Online and In-Person Exams and Graduation Sessions

During Phase 2, exams will continue remotely and in person. Read the news 

Online oral exams as per D.R. n. 1026 – 01.04.2020  [01.04.2020 Update]  Click on the page

Online written exams as per D.R. n. 1141 – 17.04.2020  [23.04.2020 Update] Click on the page

[29.05.2020 Update]

In-person graduation sessions will follow the guidelines issued by each Faculty. Online graduation sessions will continue to adhere to the guidelines issued on D.R no. 869/2020 – 10/03/2020 as per D.R. no. 869/2020 - 10/03/2020.

Read the Rectoral Decree (in Italian)

[17.06.2020 Update]

Curricular and extracurricular Internships 

From June 3 2020 until January 31 2021, unless otherwise specified, it is possible to:

  • activate new curricular internships, online or mixed modality (remotely and in-person);
  • add, for internships that have been already activated and suspended or carried out remotely, the mixed modality option: distance learning activities and in-person activities at the hosting institution/organisation;
  • continue curricular internships remotely;

For extracurricular internships, please consult our Internships and Traineeships page with the different regional regulations.

[01.09.2020 Update].

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