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COVID-19: information on educational activities

Sapienza to resume in-person lectures from Wednesday, April 7

[Last updated on June 1, 2021]

Lectures, exams and dissertations mainly in-person from April 27

From Monday, April 26:   
  • All lectures and educational activities for all programmes (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs) are delivered mainly in person, compatibly with the available seats for each classroom. The same activities will be also available online.
  • access to the classroom reservation systems will be guaranteed by enabling every other week, from Tuesday to Thursday, students with final digits from 00 to 49 or from 50 to 99 and all students from Friday to Saturday (see the instructions and calendar in the “In-person lectures and classroom reservation section”);
  • students in the classrooms must follow the MUR guidelines contained in Annex 18 of the Prime Minister Decree of March 2, 2021;  
  • exams and graduation sessions are carried out primarily in person while ensuring the possibility to take the exam online for specific needs assessed by each structure on a case-by-case basis - giving priority to the written and practical exams – (MUR Guidelines referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 2, 2021);
  • as per MUR guidelines, orientation and tutoring activities are carried out in person;
  • as per MUR guidelines, professional training in the medical, dental and health professions, laboratory activities, and exercises are carried out in person;
  • as per MUR guidelines, curricular and extracurricular internships are carried out in person if the necessary safety measures can be guaranteed;
  • University libraries, reading rooms, study rooms and other facilities that provide services to students carry out their activities in person. 

Free swab service for students has been resumed from Monday to Thursday. For more information, please click on this page 

Academic Calendar 

Please go to the course catalogue -> Attendance section of your course for the calendar of your online and in-person lectures

Go to the catalogue

In-person lectures and classroom seat reservation 

Please note:

  • you can book a seat in a classroom for any year of your Bachelor's degree programmes or Master's degree programmes (two-year programme and single-cycle).
  • In order to respect the interpersonal distancing established for health security, the capacity of each classroom has been reduced and the presence of students in the classroom will be organised in different time slots.
  • access in each classroom will be organised based on distancing and tracking.

To book your place correctly you need to know: 

  • the date and time of the lecture you want to attend. Timetables are published in the course catalogue, in the "Attendance" section of each course. Go to the catalogue;
  • the code of the building where the classroom is located. The building code is indicated on the lesson timetable;
  • your student number and Infostud password. If you are not yet enrolled at Sapienza, please read the instructions to obtain your student ID number and password and choose your course. Go to the page;

Students can reserve a seat in their classroom on alternate weeks via Prodigit. Access to the classroom reservation systems will be guaranteed by enabling every other week, from Tuesday to Thursday, students with final digits from 00 to 49 or 50 to 99 and all students from Friday to Saturday regardless of the last digits of the student ID number.

The academic week begins on Monday and ends on Saturday, but for each slot, reservations can be made from Thursday to Saturday of the previous week. 

To book your seat:

  • Log in to Prodigit using your Infostud credentials: ID number and password. The online seat reservation system will provide you with a receipt for your reservations.
  • You must keep the receipt printed or saved on your mobile phone and show it to the security staff at the entrance of the Sapienza branches and whenever you will be asked to. 

To access your classroom

  • please save the summary page's receipts or take a screenshot to limit the number of simultaneous accesses to Prodigit that slow down system performance. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • For security reasons, the structure may plan to seat you in order of arrival (and therefore in a different place from the one booked): do not worry, the seat you booked is still guaranteed

Tracking system

To confirm your presence in the classroom, your professor will provide you with a token. Please enter it into Prodigit. Read the instructions (PDF)

Please Note: 

  • If you decide not to attend the booked lecture, please cancel your reservation to give access to a student on the waiting list;
  • If you failed to make your reservation, we will put your name on the waiting list and notify if a seat becomes available. If not, you can take the lesson remotely;
  • You can only cancel from Wednesday to Saturday of the previous week.

For support:

Students with physical and learning disabilities who will be needing support to attend in-person lectures can contact the specific office following the usual procedures (

In-person exams 

1. To take an exam in person, you will have to wait for your professor's communication indicating the day, time (beginning and end of the exam) and classroom. You will find the information on your institutional email address or Infostud in the notes related to the booked exam.
2. Once you have received the communication:
  • log in to Prodigit (use the same methods used to book your seat for your lectures and the "Book Classroom for Exam" button); 
  • enter the classroom, day and time (start and end of the exam), as indicated by your professor. 
Reservations on Prodigit will be open until midnight, 3 days before the date of the in-person exam.
3. On the exam day, at the scheduled time, access the classroom using the booking form as you did for your in-person lectures.

How to follow your online lectures

To follow your online lectures:

  • open the Course Catalogue Go to the catalogue;
  • select your degree programme and click on the Attendance section:
  • for each course, on your professor's page, you will find a link to the virtual classrooms where you can follow your online lecture. You can find your professor's page here 

For further information on easy tools for off-campus and online teaching, visit the following page 

Go to the page

Online exams, tests and graduation sessions

Oral exams: click on the page 

Written exams: click on the page

Online graduation sessions: graduands will receive detailed instructions from their Faculties/Departments. Read the Rector Decree (in Italian)

Information and office hours

For information on services and office hours click on this page 

Risk prevention and management of COVID-19 at Sapienza

For more information on risk prevention and management of COVID-19 at Sapienza click on the page 

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