Online classes, exams and graduation sessions

Phase 2: online and in-person examinations and graduation sessions


Online and In-Person Exams - [29.05.2020 Update]

During Phase 2, exams will continue remotely and in person. Read the news 

Online oral exams as per D.R. n. 1026 – 01.04.2020  [01.04.2020 Update]  Click on the page

Online written exams as per D.R. n. 1141 – 17.04.2020  [23.04.2020 Update] Click on the page

Online Lectures

According to the instructions issued by the competent authorities (Prime Minister Decree, April 10, 2020) regarding the coronavirus emergency, in-person curricular educational activities are suspended. Lectures will continue remotely. For more specific information please click the “Scheda docente” on the "Catalogo Corsi di studio" (Degree Programme Catalogue). You can also find all the information on our dedicated webpage. Visit the page

In-person and online Graduation Sessions  [17.06.2020 Update]

In-person graduation sessions will follow the guidelines issued by each Faculty. Online graduation sessions will continue to adhere to the guidelines issued on D.R no. 869/2020 – 10/03/2020 as per D.R. no. 869/2020 - 10/03/2020.

Read the Rectoral Decree (in Italian)

 [17.06.2020 Update]

Curricular and extracurricular traineeship activities

Curricular and extracurricular traineeship activities have been suspended, with the exception of traineeships for medical doctors and healthcare professionals as established on the 8-9.03.2020 Prime Minister Decree. From March 16, 2020, curricular internships can start again remotely where applicable. Please check our Internships and Stages page for more information on extracurricular internships based on regional regulations. [16.03.2020 Update] Click on the page

Student- Collaboration Scholarships

Student- Collaboration Scholarships (part-time activity - 150 hours) have been suspended until further notice. Student Collaboration Scholarships (150 hours) can start again remotely if the individual structure considers it doable and appropriate. From March 16, 2020, online mentoring activities for students with disabilities and LD can start again so as to guarantee services and online educational activities on an ongoing basis.[16.03.2020 Update] Visit the Page 

For further information on services and office hours, please visit this page .

Sunday, 22 March 2020

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