Sapienza On the Move – Presentation of the Sustainable University Mobility Plan

On Thursday, November 21, the “Gini” Lecture Hall at the Faculty of Statistics hosted the “Sapienza On the Move” Conference to share the new sustainability proposals included in the Sustainable University Mobility Plan (SUMP) developed by the Mobility Manager and the Research Centre for Transports and Logistics (CTL)

The two-phase plan presents an analysis of student and personnel movements and the objectives and strategies to implement that will align Sapienza University to European and international standards and the regulations that call for the creation of “Urban Mobility Plans” (Art. 22 of Bill N. 340, 24 Nov. 2000).

The SUMP includes 19 operations organized into 5 macro-areas: Smart Strategies, Mobility on Foot, Mobility by Cycle, Local Public Transport and Private Transport.

Sapienza was represented by Mobility Manager, Monica Facchiano, who presented the initiatives that are being fielded at Sapienza to incentivise sustainable mobility and discourage the use of private, polluting means of transport by students, faculty and personnel at the university.

The main initiatives include:

  • Development of a Sapienza Mobility Portal, with crowdfunding tools and geo-location to identify the various university areas and allow the academic community to gather ideas and suggestions on mobility;
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Promotion of smart working; 
  • Road Safety - urban road safety monitoring to guarantee a greater security on various means of transport; 
  • Bicycle lanes and shared bikes;
  • Reorganisation of the local transport network;
  • Improve internal parking.

The meeting also provided the opportunity for a debate and exchange of ideas between students and representatives of various Italian universities in the RUS Network, the Netowkr of Universities for Sustainable Development.

The Mobility Managers from the universities of Roma 3, Tor Vergata, Catania, Campania and Milan-Bicocca also exchanged ideas in a talk moderated by Architect Stefania Angelelli, National Coordinator of the RUS Mobility Work Group.

As illustrated at the conference, the 5-year plan calls for the implementation of actions that will make mobility from and to the university more ecological and sustainable.

For further information: see the Sapienza Sustainable Mobility Portal.


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