Enrolment in the second session of 2018 from Sept. 20 to Oct 18. 

Who can enrol

You can enrol in the State Exam for Actuary if you have a degree in:

  • new system: degree in classes LM-16, LM-82, LM-83 (DM 270/04), 19/S, 90/S, 91/S, 92/S (DM 509/99);
  • old systems: degree in Economics, Statistics and Social Sciences, Demographic and Social Statistics, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Statistical and Economic Sciences, Statistics, Statistics and Informatics for the Company, Economics of Institutions and Financial Markets, Economics and Finance.

Please Note: All candidates are admitted to the exam with reserve: the Administration will eventually exclude from the exam candidates which are not in possession of the qualifications required for the admission, and who have inappropriately declared to be in possession of a previous qualification that, as per regulations, entitles the student to the exemption of one or more exams tests. If the candidate has submitted false statements during the enrollment, which are relevant for the admission to the examination or exemption of one or more exams, without prejudice to the penal sanctions referred to in art. 76 of the D.P.R. 445/2000, will automatically expire from the right to participate in the State Exam, and in case the tests have already been completed, the same will be canceled and the fees paid by the interested party will not be refunded. 

Exam Tests

The State Exam is structured into four parts: (art. 38 DPR 328/01):
a)a written text on topics related to probabilistic, statistical and mathematical finance instruments, of employment in the insurance, financial and social security fields;
b) a second written text on topics related to technical-actuarial and mathematical-financial insurance of life insurance, damages and social security; 
c) an oral test consisting of the elaboration of a technical-actuarial project or evaluation analysis of a business case, within the technical-actuarial issues of insurance companies and social security institutions;
d) an oral test on actuarial techniques and mathematical finance in the field of insurance and social security, aimed in particular at verifying the candidate's professional culture, his operational capacity of synthesis and communication, as well as the knowledge of the application rules, of the guidelines and codes of professional ethics, and professional legislation.


To enrol in the State Exam please follow the instructions in the Enrolment Page 

Second Session 2018

Date: first test 15 November 2018
President: Prof. Fabio Grasso
Members: Prof. Alessandra Carleo, Dr. Antonio Annibali, Dr. Francesca Di Paola, Dr. Rosa Maria Lacquaniti
Administrative Secretary: Mrs​​​​​​​. Anna Mosca


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