Admission Procedure for Third Country Nationals for Scientific Research

Legislative Decree N. 17, 9 January 2008, which implemented EU Directive 2005/71, established the conditions for the admission and permanence of researchers from third countries in Italy for a period exceeding three months in order to carry out and/or participate in research projects.

The Decree defines that the procedure for the admission of third country citizens for scientific research purposes may only be activated if the university or host research institution are registered with MIUR. Sapienza has been registered since 11/09/2009 and is therefore authorized to stipulate Hosting Agreements with third country citizens (researchers), who are not resident in the EU, to implement research projects.

The stipulation of Hosting Agreements between a host institutions and researchers is a necessary condition for clearance for scientific research. The agreement establishes the legal relationship and working conditions for the researcher, the monthly economic resources provided to the researcher (equal to no less than twice the social allowance), the cost of return travel, the stipulation of health insurance for the researcher and his/her family or the obligation for the host institution to provide for their registration with the National Health Service. The clearance for scientific research, accompanied by the certificate of registration with MIUR and an original copy of the agreement, must be submitted by the host institution to the SUI - Immigration Desk at the Prefecture where the research project will be carried out. The Desk issues the clearance after back ground checks with the police office.

For Sapienza, Hosting Agreements may be stipulated by Heads of Departments delegated to do so by the Rector. Departments may apply for delegation via the templates available below and in the Download Section.

Delegation Request Form

The Hosting Agreement must follow the template provided by MIUR (available below and in the Download Section)

Hosting Agreement Scheme

The Visa application for scientific research purposes has a variable timeframe that depends on several factors. It is strongly recommended that researchers begin the procedure at least three months before arrival, although two months or less may be sufficient. Before starting the procedure, we advise you check the "Guidelines for the Procedure for the Admission of Third Country Citizens for Scientific Research," which describes all the steps required by Sapienza Departments. The guidelines are available below and in the Download Section.

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