National Technology Clusters are described in the normative as “networks of public and private subjects” who operates on a national area within areas strategic for the country, in terms of industrial research and technology transfer. Their purpose is promote a link between the fields of research and business, consistently with the priorities in Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and with the National Research Programme 2015-2020 (NRP)

Sapienza has joined the following National Technology Clusters: 

CL.USTER A.GRIFOOD N.AZIONALE, acronym CL.A.N. [ Agro-industrial Sector]: its purpose is the promotion and the increase of the competiveness  of the Agro-industrial Sector through innovation, access and enhancement of the results from the scientific research, partnership among researches, business, education and public administration.

CLUSTER "SUSTAINABLE PROCESSES AND RESOURCES FOR INNOVATION AND NATIONAL GROWTH" , acronym SPRING [ Green Chemistry area]: its purpose is the promotion of low-carbon bio-industries, efficient for natural resources, competitive and sustainable. It coordinates actions that create  impulses for bio-economic, and procedures transformations and the transformation of industrial conventional products into products efficient in the exploitation of resources and energy. Moreover, it promotes the opening of new markets through the sustainment of standardization, regulation, and experimental activities.

MADE IN ITALY [ Design, Creaitvity and Made in Italy Area]: its purpose is the promotion, in both the Italian and European research area of a pre-competitive research in matter of Design, Creativity and Made in Italy. This happens through the development and enhancement of scientific and business excellences of the commodities-related area in the national field, that would promte the growth and development of PMIs in involved industries; synergy among industry, public administration and research authorities. Further promotions concern technology and “best practices” transfer; high quality attraction and specialized education for employees from both technical and research field; reinforcement of collaboration and cooperation nets, also from an international perspective

TICHE [Technlogy for culture and heritage Area]: its purpose are the creation of a local innovation system, with national impact through the net connection, the inter-regional integration and administration of private and public R&S structures and production  expertise and resources, and administration of innovation and technology, enhancement of research, technological transfer, business incubation, investment and finance

CLUSTER TECNOLOGICO ENERGIA, CTN ENERGIA  [ Energy Area]: its purpose is the promotion in the participation of the national actors interested in the topic of energy, with final purpose the creation of a unified community with a national impact that can be represented from its belonging field, in an both European and International perspective

CLUSTER TRASPORTI ITALIA 2020, [ Mobility Area]: its purpose is connecting the major national companies, from the industrial and scientific field, that work on mobility on rubber, rail, waterways and in intramodality. The purpose of this connection is to create synergies in the supply chain, promote research and innovation in surface public transports and enhance excellences Made in Italy.


    Research and Technology Transfer Area

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    Daniele Riccioni
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    Strategic Partnerships, Spin-offs and Start-ups Sector

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    Gianluca Pane
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    Luisa Bucciotti
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    Francesca Pennacchini
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    Beatrice Ranalli
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