Data base for Sapienza Quality Assurance

From the ay. 2005/2006, Sapienza, through the management of the Quality and Assurance Presidium, started  an AQ course for their CdS on a voluntary basis developing in parallel the creation of a database on the careers of the students by preparing a unique "code" aimed at tracking all the changes occurred over time of each CdS. (Codice Cruscotto Sapienza).

Starting in 2013, Sapienza has developed a Business Intelligence system that allows for the rapid creation and distribution of guided and interactive analysis applications and dashboards using a flexible development environment (QlikView), which allows to directly query the platform and extract the required data.
The set of information provided by the Quality and Assurance Presidium on student careers each year is enriched with new data and indicators in order to refine the analysis carried out by the Quality Committees of the CdS. Even after the introduction of the national database of the ANVUR, the information has been enriched by cohort data that longitudinally follow the student contingents in their evolution of the university career from the first year.

Currently the data on the careers of students prepared by the Quality and Assurance Presidium (TQ in Italian) for the drafting of the Annual Monitoring Card (SMA in Italian) and the Review are organized in Excel format files that are made available to the Quality Commissions every year in conjunction with the start filling out the monitoring form on the pages dedicated to Sapienza Quality Assurance. Some information (results of exams for each teacher and teaching) are sent on a confidential basis to each Quality Committee of the CdS. Statistical data on student opinion surveys (OPIS) are sent to all those involved in the QA Sapienza process (Chair CdS / CAD, Director of Department, Faculty Dean, CPDS, CM), through tables that provide graphic elaborations and of context.

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