Extracurricular internships - Covid Phase 3

For extracurricular internships, please follow the provisions issued by the individual regions.

Lazio Region: it is possible to activate/reactivate in-person internships if they cannot be carried out and managed "remotely". To carry out in-person activities, the hosting institution must fill in the addendum to the training project and send it to the Faculty/Department internships Coordinator; for new activations, it must be submitted together with the training project. The trainee countersigns the addendum for acknowledgement and acceptance. The Faculty/Department internships Coordinator will then inform the hosting institution and authorise the in-person activities.
Read the provisions of the Regione Lazio (Pdf - in Italian)

Lombardy Region: on May 15, Lombardy has established the possibility to activate new extracurricular internships and reactivate those suspended due to COVID-19 emergency. The rule only applies to those working environments where there are no further restrictions issued by the government.
Read the provisions of the Regione Lombardia.(Pdf - in Italian)

Veneto Region: it is not possible to continue the ongoing internships ordinarily. The hosting institution must choose whether to interrupt or suspend the internship or, where possible and only after a positive response by the promoter and the trainee, to continue the experience remotely.
Read the provisions of the Regione Veneto (Pdf - In Italian)

Emilia Romagna Region: internships are suspended until April 13, 2020. However, where the contents of the training project allow it, and adequate technologies are available, the activities can be carried out remotely.
Read the provisions of the Regione Emilia Romagna(Pdf - In Italian)

Liguria Region: existing extracurricular internships are suspended. The period of suspension may be made up after the first end of the Individual Training Project, regardless of the maximum duration provided for by regional regulations.
Read the provisions of the Regione Liguria (Pdf - In Italian)


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