Faq on eBooks and reading lists

Some frequently asked questions about eBooks availability with a special focus on reading list suggestions as eBooks.

I have found a book in the Sapienza Libraries Catalogue. What about the pdf or eBook? 

Almost all books in Sapienza Libraries Catalogue (http://opac.uniroma1.it/) are paper books not available during this period. When Sapienza libraries is allowed to reopen, then these books will be available again. 

Just few books in the catalogue are available in pdf/eBook format.

Where are books in pdf/eBook/electronic version? Where can I download them?

A growing list of books in reading lists available as eBooks is available.

Sapienza offers platforms and websites with thousands of eBooks, mainly in English. The list is available at https://www.uniroma1.it/en/pagina/ebook-and-e-resources-research-study-and-teaching.

Almost all eBooks are searchable through the Discovery Sapienza too.

What does it mean Disponibile nel Discovery Sapienza in the Books in reading lists available as eBooks webpage?

It means that the link is not direct to the eBook and it is necessary to search the book by title ot title+author (if the title is too much generic as Physics or Data analysis) when landed to the Discovery Sapienza webpage.

How can I borrow the eBooks?

eBooks – not pdf ones - are lent similarly to paper ebooks. Adobe Digital Edition – downloadable for free - and a registered account are mandatory. Adobe Digital Edition verifies the user credentials and counts the borrowing days. Moreover, illegal copies are not permitted by the software.

When the borrowing expires, the eBook disappears from the device but it is possible to renew the borrowing, if the eBooks is not already booked by another user, exactly as with paper books. 

If the eBook in already borrowed, it is possible to book it. You receive an email when it will be available again. 

I have found an eBook sold online. Why Sapienza Libraries can't buy it?

Libraries cannot buy eBooks on commonly used e-commerce websites or bookshops. Libraries are allowed to buy eBooks exclusively through platforms that manage the electronic borrowing.

Furthermore, due to their own commercial policies, some publishers have decided not to sell their eBooks to libraries, especially textbooks. 

Why it is reported that Sapienza offers 250.000 scholarly eBooks, but in the reading lists available books available as eBooks are fewer?

The 250.000 eBooks available from the webpage Ebooks and resources for research, study and teaching are scholarly eBooks useful to study and to make researches. The electronic version of the books reported in the reading lists of Sapienza courses are available at this webpage. The webpage is constantly updated as a new book is identified and bought in eBook format.

I need some books to write my thesis. May I have the pdf/eBook version? 

At the present moment, all the efforts are focused on the books used to study and to prepare exams, since they are needed by a large number of students. Anyway, we will take into consideration all the requests. Please, consider that Sapienza libraries offers thousands of electronic resources (such as eBooks, electronic journals, databases) searchable through the Discovery Sapienza. Primarly, use these sources to find out what you need.

May I have the odf version of paper books? Why Sapienza libraries do not scan their books? 

Scan and spread electronic, such as paper, copies of books is illegal, unless they contain works free from copyright. According to Italian law, a work is declared free from copyright if the author is dead more than 70 years ago or the author has declared own work as free from copyright.

How to access eBooks and other electronic resources?

For off campus access to eBooks and electronic resources available to Sapienza users, authentication is mandatory. From Discovery Sapienza http://discovery.uniroma1.it/, follow the link on the yellow top banner, then insert your institutional credentials as explained. From this moment, you are recognized as Sapienza user and you have access to all the contents bought available on many websites (electronic resources available for a short period - electronic resources available on regular basis).

I have found a book in the Sapienza Libraries Catalogue and I have made a loan request. May I visit the library and borrow it?

No. All Sapienza libraries are closed. 

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