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FAQ - Master Courses

Where can I find information on Professional Master Courses?

Master Course Catalogue is available at https://www.uniroma1.it/it/pagina/elenco-dei-master; students can have access to contacts and all the current information about the course. For further details and updates please contact the organisational structure delivering the Master Course. Details about each edition are available on the “attachment” section.


How can I apply?

General Admission Requirements can be found at https://www.uniroma1.it/it/pagina/master. The student can find all the information on the minimum and maximum number of places available, specific admission requirements, selection procedures, if any, and tuition fees on the webpage of each Professional Master Course, “Attachment” section.


Can I apply if I am also attending a degree programme (Bachelors Programme, Master Programmes, P.h.D, Postgraduate School, Professional Master Courses)?

No. Attending other programmes, at the same time, at this University or another, Italian or international, is strictly forbidden. Except for Advanced Training Courses and Training Courses, single courses and Summer/Winter School.


Can I apply to more than one Professional Master Course?

Yes, each candidate can apply to more than one Professional Master Course. However, in order to enroll (payment of the first instalment) the student will be required to choose only one Course.


I am a near-graduate, can I enroll on a Professional Master Course?

Students who are about to earn the requested degree (within the last available session of the previous academic year) can take part in the selection process. These candidates will be admitted under reserve, only if in possession of the degree and based on availability.


Can I suspend the Professional Master Course due to unforeseen circumstances and start again at a later time?

If you must suspend the course due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be able to complete it only during the following academic year, if the same course will be actually proposed, and you will be asked to complete all the missing activities.

In case of suspension, withdrawal or renouncement, previous instalments and fees will not be refunded.


How can I claim my Professional Master Course Certificate?

Your certificate, digitally stamped (valid for all legal purposes), will be available online on Infostud 2.0. You just need to log in to http://www.uniroma1.it/studenti, using your identification number and password, click on “MASTER – CERTIFICATI” and select the right certificate.


Can I ask for different certificates other than the ones on Infostud?

Students can mail settoremaster@uniroma1.it for the following certificates:

PROFESSIONAL MASTER COURSE ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATE including personal data, professional master course title, enrollment academic year and length of course.

PROFESSIONAL MASTER COURSE CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT with personal data, professional master course, final grade (if available) and CFU (credits)

For certificates issued by the administrative office, the student is asked to purchase a tax stamp (16 euros) and consign it when collecting the certificate at “Settore Master”, Sapienza Main Campus (entrance Via Regina Elena 334), General Services building – Staircase C, 2 floor. Walk-in-hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8:30 am – 12:00 noon. Tuesday & Thursday: 2:30pm – 4:30pm

A delegate can collect the certificate only with official authorization, tax stamp, photocopy of the student's ID card and his/her own.

For further administrative information, please contact settoremaster@uniroma1.it. Please specify your data, identification number, your current domicile and the details of the Master course you are interested in.


I am not able to print the invoice slip on Infostud. Why?

Is the deadline for the payment over? In this case, you have to report the delay to the Director of the Master Course. The Director (or the Master Couse contact person) will authorise the Sector to issue a new invoice slip for the student. The surtax for the belated payment will be added to the second instalment's slip.

You have not updated your academic qualifications on your Infostud profile?

Please follow the instruction to update your qualifications:

Sign in to INFOSTUD 2.0 with your identification number and password ---> click on PROFILO (top right) ---> click on “titoli universitari” (list on the left) ---> insert the requested data. If the title is not available among the options, you can insert “CORSO NON TROVATO” and, later, mail us at settoremaster@uniroma1.it with the Degree's data (University, Faculty, type or denomination, achievement date and final grade). We will update the system.


I have never collected the Master Course's final diploma. How can ask for it?

You can mail settoremaster@uniroma1.it indicating name, surname, identification number, the exact denomination of the obtained Master Course and the academic year (or the final exam date). We will contact you with all the useful information.



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