Isee (fees reduction)

What is ISEE

2018 ISEE for Right to Education (dpcm. 159/2013) 
ISEE is an official form which indicates students' financial standing in any given year on the basis of family status, earnings, property and expenses.  ISEE must be calculated and certified by a Tax Assistance Centre (CAF) or on the INPS website. Calculating the ISEE at a CAF is a free operation, after about 10 days it’s reported on the Inps database. The only ISEE students need is the one from the current year, even if they enroll in a degree course in January. Therefore, for the academic year 2018-2019 the Isee must be calculated and go on record before paying the I part of the academic fees (by November 5, 2018 or as stated on the access Calls) or no later than December 21, 2018.

List of Caf Offices in Rome


Students fees are based on their Isee

Lower is the Isee, lower will be the taxes. 

“I do not declare ISEE” option

Students who don’t want to calculate the fees for their Isee can flag the “I do not declare ISEE” option. They will pay the average fees.

Fees automatic calculator

To facilitate fees calculus there is an automatic calculator that calculates the amount to pay once uploaded the student’s Isee value for the year 2018. Please notice the automatic calculator doesn’t consider exemptions.
Go to the calculator

Calculate your Isee on time

To get a fees reduction the Isee for the year 2018 must be calculated and go on record before paying the I part of the academic fees (by November 5, 2018 or as stated on the access Calls). Since it takes several days before the Isee is ready and recorded it’s important that students go to a CAF at least 30 days before the deadline for the payment of the I part of the fees.


To upload the Isee once inserted in Inps database, students can use the Infostud system by selecting the option “upload Isee”.

Lump sum option for the I part of the fees

In exceptional events, if the Isee hasn’t been uploaded on time, students can pay a lum sum before enrolling in a degree course. After paying the lum sum Infostud will create a balance for the I part and an amunt for the II and III part (the total amount foreseen for degree courses of the I group is €2.821,00 and for the courses of the II group is €2.924,00). The amounts will be changed once uploaded the Isee, if it’s done by December 21, 2018.

Mandatory deadline for 2018

Students benefitting the exceptional lump sum option must require the Isee calculation by December 21, 2018. If after the deadline of the II part of the fees the Isee is still non available, the students will pay the average fees for the academic year 2018-2019.

Students who can’t benefit from Isee: 
•    Enrolled students in remote in agreement with Consorzio Nettuno or students following telematics courses in agreement with Unitelma University
•    Students enrolled in Specialisation Schools;
•    Students enrolled in post-degree courses.


Sapienza University supervises Isee statements. Students who insert a wrong ISEE will pay a fine defined by the Administrative Board (sanction n. 8/13 from January 22, 2013).




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