Research Catalogue

The IRIS (Institutional Research Information System) Catalogue for university research work has two main objectives:

  • Collecting all research work conducted for ministerial evaluation (VQR – Evaluation of Research Quality, ASN – PhD Programme Evaluation, etc.) and university assessment (promotions, salary increases, etc.);
  • Promote open access to research work

IRIS should be used by every professor to upload information on his/her works, thereby automatically populating the MIUR-Cineca Database.

Beginning in May 2018, changes were made both to the range of work types and the upload forms screen; moreover, the process of validation by Sapienza Library Staff was begun.

Every department has at least one IRIS Coordinator and one IRIS Evaluator, both of whom can provide further information on work validation (also see: documents on right).

Courses on Catalogue Use

Courses on use of the IRIS Catalogue continue and one will be held in the Multimedia Hall (Rectorate, Ground Floor) in March 2020.
Participation is free, subject to availability of place (60 places). Registration is required.
The issuing of attendance certificates to the courses is not foreseen.


University Catalogue - Principles of Use: this course introduces users to the catalogue, with particular attention to the new features introduced in May 2018. 

To participate, book here:


Tuesday, 26th March - 10.00 a.m. - 01.00 p.m. (Alice Moroni) - Book


Strategic Research and Evaluation Projects Office

Office Manager
Andrea Riccio
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Research Products and Evaluation Catalog Sector

Sector Manager
Monica Mignucci
T (+39) 06 4991 0478


Irene Bongioanni
+(39) 064991 0332

Laura Gobbo
+(39) 064991 0321

Michele Marasco
+(39) 064991 0872

Alice Moroni
+(39) 064991 0192


Rectorate Building
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room 2 (Office Manager)
rooms 6 -7 (Sector)

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