Sapienza in Comune

The “Sapienza in Comune” Project was launched with the aim to break down social
inequalities in the right to education and access to culture. The medium and long-term actions already undertaken aim to encourage upper secondary schools students to
continue their educational path, in search for their own talent.
In the wake of the Italian Constitution, such study is presented as a qualified chance to aim to the “full development of the human person”.

The target

“Sapienza in Comune” involves students of the first years to detect from the beginning their sense of discouragement, often arising from disadvantaged socio-economic
conditions, and also offers them a wide range of disciplines to enrol in and in which to discover their talent.
Six schools have been selected, in collaboration with the Assessorato alla Scuola of Rome Municipality; they are high schools specialising in scientific, classical, technical and hotel management studies, located in various areas of Rome (Ostia, Axa, Tor Sapienza, Tor Bella Monaca).

The fields of experimentation

The first year of experimentation will mainly focus on two fields: Italian and Mathematics.
Sapienza makes websites and IT tools available to the students of the selected schools, so as to simulate admission tests, with a view to help them acquire skills and face at best their settling into university life.
In the future, some meetings and support could be ensured to face delicate social issues, such as racism, bullying, sexism, homophobia.

Sapienza in Comune Video

Presentazione del Vicesindaco - Luca Bergamo
Lingua e cittadinanza - Luca Serianni
Perché studiare serve - Vincenzo Nesi
Presentazione della piattaforma OF@SMFN - Flavia Lanzara e Eugenio Montefusco

Tutoring in Mathematics

Tutoring in Italian

Responsabile del Progetto
Vincenzo Nesi

Referente Amministrativo
Filomena Carelli


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