Scholarships and accommodations

Laziodisu is the body which manages the scholarships and accommodations system. To have these benefits students have to apply for a call published every year in july. Special requirements of income and merit specified in the call are required to keep the benefits over the years.

Student-collaboration scholarship

These internships are for students enrolled to years following the first. Selected students will collaborate with university structures such as libraries, laboratories, interactive rooms, reception and information centers for students, stages and promoting activities. 

Paid internships last 150 hours, generally divided in shifts of 3 hours per day. The monthly amount for the internship is 1.095,00 euros.

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Worthy students scholarship for Italian and International students

Italian and international graduated students can apply for the Wanted the Best e Don't Miss your Chance calls

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Research and working scholarship

Calls can be found on the new Administration Transparency Portal

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Awards and Scholarships for graduation thesis supported by external authorities are on the news section of the Jobsoul portal

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International Thesis Scholarship 

These scholarships consist of economic benefits Sapienza gives to enrolled students willing to have a study experience abroad, in order to hel their mobility
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International Post-degree Scholarship

These scholarships grant advanced education to Sapienza Graduated (Masters Degree -two years courses/ single cycle courses/ old system). The sholaships last from 6 to 12 months. The monthly amount for the internship is € 1.290,00. 
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Laziodisu Studentships
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