Services for Students with Learning Disorders


Sapienza provides a counselling service for didactic support to students with learning disorders and/or neurological development disorders and/or disabilities requiring other special needs. The counselling service provides welcome, orientation, monitoring and support services, as per DM N. 5669/2011 and attached Guidelines and in consideration of the CNUDD Guidelines produced by the National University Conference of Disability Delegates in July 2014.

On the basis of clinical certification produced by the student, counselling psychologists will:

  • Develop and agree with the student on a custom-tailored academic plan;
  • Open an official “learning disability” file;
  • Monitor and update the student’s progress to optimise actions and tools;
  • Develop courses to improve academic abilities.

How to request the Counsegling Service

After enrolling, the counselling service may be requested by:

  • Inserting self-declaration as a student with special needs on your Infostrud Profile;
  • Send an e-mail to: from your university e-mail account. In the e-mail, please indicate:
    • Counselling service request:
    • Student number, faculty and degree programme;
    • Attach national health certification (or one provided by accredited structure)

Please note

- The special needs certification must refer to official degree of disability

- Diagnosis must be updated after three years if the student was a minor upon enrolment

You will receive an e-mail from our counselling service to set up an interview.

Based on the certification you present, the psychologists will develop and agree with you on a custom-tailored academic plan and open up a file that will be shared with the Disability Delegate, Faculty Coordinators, Professors and students.


Faculty Coordinators

Every Faculty has a coordinator who promotes the active participation of students with physical or learning disorders. Coordinators are responsbile for:

  • Addressing students towards specialistic tutoring services;
  • Helping to solve logistical and organisational issues;
  • Share information within the faculty.

List of Faculty Coordinators


Valorisation tutor

The Valorisation Tutor is a newly created figure of support for students with disabilities or with DSA for all initiatives concerning "Sapienza rewards merit",
such as the "Path of Excellence", which allows to obtain a certification of primality and a refund of fees for students with DSA.
To find out more, send an e-mail to
For more information on the "Path of Excellence", visit the website.




Staff counseling DSA
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