State Examination – Medicine and Surgery

Enrolment in the second session of the a.y. 2018 from September 5, (from 9.00 a.m)  to October 8.

Who can enrol

Students owning one of the following degrees:

·      Medicine and Surgery achieved under the previous legislation to reform pursuant to art. 17, paragraph 95, of Law 15/5/1997 n. 127 and following modifications

·      Master’s degree related to class 46/S and Master's degree related to the class LM-41 (DM 270/04) in Medicine and Surgery.



The examination consist of:

  1. a three-month practical internship, organized for a month in a medical department, a month in an surgery ward and for a month at a general practitioner’s office. The practical training in the Medicine and Surgery departments must be carried out in a hospital structure that is affiliated with Sapienza University of Rome, such as: Policlinico Umberto I, Sant'Andrea Hospital Complex, Latina ICOT and A. Fiorini Hospital in Terracina. The internship at a general practitioner must be carried out to  a doctor qualified as tutor for Sapienza University of Rome;
  2.  a written test made by two sections each of which is composed by 90 multiple-choice questions, focused respectively to evaluate:
  • a) the candidate’s basic knowledge with a view to their subsequent professional application, with particular regard to the pathophysiological mechanisms and his knowledge of the clinic, prevention and therapy;
  • b) the candidate's ability to apply biomedical and clinical knowledge to medical practice and to resolve issues of professional ethics and medical ethics. The test also includes a series of questions concerning clinical problems affecting areas medicine and surgery and related specialties, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, diagnostics, laboratory and instrumental, and public health.


How to Enrol

To enroll, please follow the instructions on this page

How to Enrol


Second Session for the year 2018

  •  Degree achievement
    By November 3, 2018.
  • Start of the internship
    November 5, 2018
  • Written test
    February 12, 2019
  • Venue for the Written Test
    Not yet defined
  • Committee
    Not yet defined

Evaluator Tutor Assignment

Please note that each application will be examined for the assignment of evaluator tutors.This process will follow the chronological order (date and time) of the submission of the online application; this order is automatically extracted from the computer system. To proceed with the assignment of the tutors, candidates will be summoned in chronological order, to the State Examination Area to deliver personally or through a delegate (provided with free proxy and photocopy of the documents of the delegator and the delegate) the documentation request in the registration procedures. Check your institutional email for details on your convocation. (Surname.registration;

Only if the candidate doesn’t have an institutional account the email will be sent to the email address stated by the candidate on Infostud. Candidates absent on the evaluation day loses his chronological order and falls at the bottom of the list.

Withdrawal and return internship booklets

Traineeship booklets must be collected by the candidate (by presenting an identity document) or by another person (provided with free proxy and photocopy of the document of the delegator and of the delegate) at the State Examination Area, during office hours according to the following schedule or, if this is not possible, on a later date (and not earlier) than that assigned for the candidate’s surname:

A-C       October 24 
D-G       October 25 
H-M       October 26
N-R       October 29 
S-Z        October 30 

The booklets must be returned only during office hours, by the 5th day of the month following the attendance.



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