Strategic Research and Evaluation Projects Office

The Strategic Research and Evaluation Projects Office is part of the Research and Technology Transfer Area. It is composed of the Research Products and Evaluation Catalog and the Research Innovation and Third Mission Sectors, which conduct the following activities.

•    Assist the university governance in all activities related to the evaluation of university research;
•    Supervise IRIS catalogue management, and coordinate and monitor its implementation and updates;
•    Create and update guidelines for the insertion and validation of research results, also in collaboration with Sapienza Library System;
•    Monitor university open access policy;
•    Support the Scientific Technical Committee for the university research products;
•    Collaborate with the InfoSapienza Centre to implement forms connected to the U-GOV publication management system;
•    Provide support to the internal evaluation of the research results and collect data for university structure and project evaluation;
•    Coordinate Department Research spokespersons;
•    Periodically map university expertise on all activities related to the dissemination of research results.


Research Products and Evaluation Catalog Sector

Research Innovation and Third Mission Sector


Office Manager
Andrea Riccio
+(39) 06 4991 0106


Research Products and Evaluation Catalog Sector

Sector Manager
Monica Mignucci
T (+39) 06 4991 0478


Irene Bongioanni
+(39) 064991 0332

Laura Gobbo
+(39) 064991 0321

Michele Marasco
+(39) 064991 0872

Alice Moroni
+(39) 064991 0192


Research Innovation and Third Mission Sector

Sector Manager
Giulia Antinucci
+(39) 064991 0325

Valentina Di Sabatino
+(39) 064991 0633

Rita Appodia
T (+39) 06 4991 0323

Alessandra Intraversato



Rectorate Building
Ground Floor

Room 2 (Office Manager)
Room 5 (Research Innovation and third Mission Sector)
Rooms 6 - 7 (Research Products and Evaluation Catalog Sector)




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