Student Insurance


All students who are regularly enrolled in degree programmes are covered by insurance (excluding travel to and from the university). Insurance covers not only activities and events on campus, but also off campus, if the activities are officially recognised and authorised by the university. Moreover, insurance for students on traineeships includes coverage for home-work-home travel.

Civil Liability (RCT/RCO)

The university insurance also covers civil liability, including material damage caused involuntarily to things/individuals/animals by subjects for whom Sapienza is responsible during the course of university activities and services.

In the Allegati Section, you will find a PDF version of the contract (with digital signature, extension .mp7). To verify the validity of the signature, please turn to one of the services listed by the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale.You will need to download a client (i.e., DIKE) to view the content.

Insurance Coverage Claims

In lieu of a certificate, where applicable, you may use a substitute declaration (dichiarazione sostitutiva di atto notorio) by completing the form available in the Allegati Section.

Further Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage may be activated for the reimbursement of medical expenses. For further information, please consult the dedicated page:

Medical Expense Insurance for Illness and Accidents (in Italian)

In Case of Accident

In case of an accident, the member of staff responsible for the university structure in which the student is enrolled must submit the following documentation (available in Allegati):

  • Accident Report
  • Insurance Report

The documentation must be submitted to:

Sapienza Università di Roma

Area APSE - Ufficio Affari Patrimoniali ed Economali - Settore AAGG

Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5

00185 Roma

Accident Assistance by University Insurance Broker AON Spa 

Please be advised that accident reports and management will be managed by the university insurance broker - AON Spa – completely free of cost for the injured party. Moreover, if the injured party chooses to have legal assistance, the claim will be opened by the university insurance broker, but all subsequent phases must be managed by the selected legal assistant.

Past Insurance Coverage (for ongoing accident claims)


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