Substitutive Qualifying Certificate (for those who qualified between 2014 and today)


The State Exams Administrative Office (Segreteria Esami di Stato) will work exclusively online until further notice. Office hours and services will be provided via email

For necessities that cannot be delayed, the required certificates, digitally signed, will be mailed to the applicant's email address recorded on INFOSTUD. The applicant, to cover tax duties, must purchase a 16 euro tax stamp (marca da bollo), place it on the certificate and “annul” ii by signing it. For ordinary cases, the certificates, with analogue signature, will be available for withdrawal after April 13, 2020. 


The certificate that replaces the Certificate of Qualification is the first certificate issued to the qualified and temporarily replaces the qualification diploma, which will be available after a few years from the date of the qualification (the availability of diplomas is indicated in the dedicated page).

To require a qualifying certificate and a substitutive qualifying certificate it’s necessary to bring at the State Exams Affairs Office:

  • The receipt (not the Bank Transfer Request) of the payment of € 113.62 done via Bank Transfer Request; make sure the print copy of the operation has the Cro (Codice Riferimento Operazione), or T.R.N (Transaction Reference Number) 

The amount of € 113,62 is valid only for graduated in the region Lazio. Graduates in other regions must ask for the amount in their University or region.

Bank details 

  1. C/C  n° : 51111X93 assigned to DiSCo
  2. Banca Popolare di Sondrio – Roma Office –  DiSCo's Bursar's Office
  3. IBAN: IT46 P056 9603 2110 0005 1111 X93
  4. reason: tassa abilitazione all’esercizio dell’attività professionale -name and surname of the qualified person
  • One tax stamp (16,00 euros) that has to be added to the substitutive certificate. 

Please Note: inside the University are not sold tax stamps.

  • A valid ID

The payment of the regional fee gives, in addition to the substitutive certificate, also other certificates of qualifying. For each certificate required it is necessary to present a tax stamp of € 16.00. Read the news about the certificates

For no reason we proceed with the shipment of certified mail.

Power of Attorney

It’s possible to delegate someone to collecting the diploma. They must present a mandate with a copy of the document of the delegates and the owner of the diploma.


Area Manager

Elena Gilda Tramontelli


Office Hours

Suspendend until April 13 


General Services Building
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