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In 2010, to promote the right to study and provide access to university studies to everyone who is not able to attend courses at the university, Sapienza decided to organise on-line courses through the  "Unitelma Sapienza" University of Rome.

Thanks to the use of modern distance learning methodologies and technology, Unitelma Sapienza promotes research and education in Law, Economics and Business Management on-line.

Administrative and educational tutors help students complete the programmes by providing them with all the tools necessary to interact with the university's e-learning platform, as well as focusing on specific issues through weekly webinars.

Unitelma Sapienza is proud of its high quality Law and Economics programmes with a particular focus on innovative processes for public administrations, enterprise and health services.

The following degree programmes are available:


  • Administration and Safety  (Bachelors)
    Administration and Organisation (Curriculum A)
    Organisation, Safety and Investigation (Curriculum B)
  • Management of Public and Health Organisations (Masters)
    Management and E-government of Public Companies (Curriculum A)
    Management of Health Companies (Curriculum B)
  • Law (Single Cycle Masters)



  • Business Economics (Bachelors)
    Business Economics (Curriculum A)
    Tourism Company Economics (Curriculum B)
  • Economics, Management and Innovation (Bachelors)
    Business Economics and Management (Curriculum A)
    Economics, Technology and Innovation (Curriculum B)



  • Computer Science (Bachelors)
    Sapienza – Unitelma Sapienza inter-university programme



  • Psyhologial Science and Technique (Bachelors)
    Sapienza – Unitelma Sapienza inter-university programme



  • Classical Archaeology (Masters)
    Sapienza – Unitelma Sapienza inter-university programme (IN ENGLISH)


Unitelma Sapienza promotes professional updating and lifelong learning by organising Master courses in the following subject areas: Law and Economics, Health, Socio-Political Issues, Technology and Management, Linguistics and Education.

Students younger than 25 and Sapienza students, former students and staff can take advantage of special promotions and discounted tuition fees.

Registration is open throughout the year.

For further information, please contact: progettosapienza@unitelma.it

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