Open letter of the University and Faculty Ombudspersons

We would like to quote some articles of the Student Charter of Rights and Duties, which Sapienza has recently renewed with the full collaboration of our students.

Article 1 states that our University is "is part of the Scientific Community, and shares its purposes, principles and methods aiming at the dissemination of knowledge and support of scientific and cultural progress".

Article 2 defines the nature of the academic community: "The University Community is a reality existing above any geographical boundary, religious confession, any form of discrimination based on wealth, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, citizenship, religious belief, political opinion, personal and social status".

Article 3 also states that "The University Community method is based on open, productive confrontation" and Article 7 states that "The University commits to support the exercise of Constitutional rights, especially freedom of expression, thought, assembly, and freedom to manifest. It promotes freedom to evaluate and criticise with respect, discipline and tolerance from all members of the academic community and the participation in the University life according to democracy and responsibility norms".

We want to firmly believe that these words have substantial value and serve to guide everyone's actions.

Everything that has been illegitimately written and drawn on the buildings of our University, besides causing serious damage, represents an abusive exercise of freedom of expression; any manifestation that offends the dignity of the Rector or any other person, offends the entire Academic Community.

We therefore express our strongest condemnation of any kind of vandalism and any kind of insult; expressions of violence that offend our ‘Academic Community’ at the service of spreading and sharing science and culture, proponents of peace.

There are no rights without duties, as is clearly stated in Article 16 of our Student Charter: "Students commit to the acknowledgement of their duties, in compliance with ethic of responsibility, that shall become the focus of their professional, cultural and scientific training", while Article 17 recalls that: "Students must also be mindful of common resources, room, laboratories, libraries and any University resource, aware of the public role of the University itself".

The Sapienza academic community is inspired by the Constitution of the Italian Republic and cherishes its founding values. Together we defend the values of peace, equality, freedom and respect for human dignity.

Monday, 10 June 2024

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