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Research evaluation, in terms of both research product quality and the academic ability to generate local economic and social returns (third mission), has become increasingly important for universities

Sapienza provides support to professors and researchers to fulfil research evaluation, in line with the measures indicated by MIUR and ANVUR in SUA-RD and VQR issues. Moreover, it supports the work of the Sapienza Community for the third mission and responsible research.

Sapienza promotes research evaluation by:

  • supporting academic and research staff, at all levels, constantly updating the scientific production on the IRIS institutional repository, including the development of guidelines for the uploading of research products and their validation;
  • promoting internal evaluation activities for research products and collecting and analysing data and information for evaluating university structures and initiatives;
  • coordinating activities related to the institutional evaluation of university research, in synergy with department research coordinators;
  • supporting the university community to promote its third mission and responsible research.

Strategic Research Projects and Evaluation Office

Research Product Catalogue and Evaluation Unit

Head of Unit
Monica Mignucci
T (+39) 06 4991 0478


Irene Bongioanni
+(39) 064991 0332

Laura Gobbo
+(39) 064991 0321

Michele Marasco
+(39) 064991 0872

Alice Moroni
+(39) 064991 0192




Rectorate Building
Mezzanine upper floor 

Room 2 (Head of Office)
Rooms 6 -7 (Unit)

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5
00185 - Roma Italia

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