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Registrations Open for the Dtc Lazio Master Courses and Advanced Professional Courses

The Lazio Technological District for Cultural Heritage Center of Excellence, coordinated by Sapienza, offers 10 master's and 17 advanced training courses. Many scholarships are available.

Ten first and second level national and international Masters and 17 Advanced Professional Courses are available to young people, entrepreneurs and professionals from Lazio.

Together with an experimentation of Lifelong Learning Courses (Cap, in Italian) and online courses in English and Italian addressed to a national and international audience, they constitute the first tranche of the educational offer of the center of excellence of the technological district of Lazio cultural heritage.

Masters and advanced training courses, provided by the universities participating in the Dtc, pertain to 6 training areas, defined in line with the strategic objectives and the mission of the center of excellence:

  1. Digital Heritage and Virtualization (3D, Gamification, other Apps)
  2. Digital creatives and technologies for visual audio production
  3. Business management, economy and management of cultural heritage
  4. Design, management and enhancement of sites, environments and cultural and tourist resources
  5. Nanotechnologies, materials and methods for conservation and restoration
  6. Technologies for diagnostics and monitoring of cultural heritage

The educational activities will take place between January and September 2019.

Registrations are open until the first half of January, the deadline varies according to the course.

The training offer is supported by numerous scholarships funded by the DTC.

The didactic method adopted for masters and advanced training courses is centered on "learning by doing", the adoption of models and training courses based on didactics and practical activities conducted in the laboratory networks of the Center of Excellence, to train theoretical and practical skills for those who already work or must enter the world of work. This is why internships in companies, companies, institutions and institutions operating in the Lazio region are a fundamental element of all courses.


The project, funded by the Lazio Region and Miur on the basis of the APQ6 Framework Program Agreement, is attended by 8 founding partners: all the public universities of the region (Sapienza as leader, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Tuscia, Cassino and Southern Lazio ) and the research bodies Cnr, Enea and Infn.

The establishment of the Center of Excellence, established by formal act on 26 July 2018, is the first intervention of the new district planning for the new technologies applied to the cultural heritage and activities of the Lazio Region.

With this provision, which is part of a total plan of 41.7 million euro from regional and ministerial funds, the whole of the activities of the DTC Lazio begins, which will also make use of the contribution of the public research system, in partnership with the MiBAC and the business world.

In particular, € 6 million over three years is earmarked for the activation of the Center, the carrying out of advanced training projects, research and technology transfer, the creation of the registry and the observatory on skills and territorial resources of the Dtc Lazio with the involvement of 800 researchers and 400 grant holders.

Master Courses

  • Communication of cultural heritage
  • Digital Heritage through Digital Technologies
  • Economy of culture: politics, government, management
  • Architecture for archeology
  • Economics and European planning of sustainable territorial development
  • Management, promotion, technological innovations in management
  • Architectural restoration and heritage culture
  • Scientific instruments to support knowledge and protection of cultural heritage - dir. Giuliana Calcani (Roma Tre); 10 scholarships amounting to € 1580 each.
  • Valorization and management of minor historical centers
  • Archeological Material Sciences

Advanced Professional Courses 

  • Digital Preservation
  • Digital documentation systems for the restoration of works of art
  • Technologies applied to cataloging and enhancing the book heritage
  • Virtual Reality, New Media Art and Gaming for Cultural Heritage
  • Analysis of audiovisual and photographic material conservation
  • Digital Technologies, Heritage & Education. Digital environments, technologies and methodologies for the enhancement of cultural heritage in education
  • Visual effect, virtual reality and interactive storytelling
  • Law and new technologies for the enhancement of cultural heritage
  • Museum accessibility, tools and assistive technologies
  • Heritage education and museum communication
  • Storyteller and content curator: narrative strategies for the enhancement of cultural heritage
  • Technologies for the conservation and use of archaeological heritage
  • Analysis and conservation of materials for paper and book goods
  • Stone materials and masonry: conservation treatments for conservation and restoration
  • Environmental control and energy efficiency in cultural heritage
  • Diagnostics for cultural heritage
  • Diagnostics and structural verification of historical and monumental constructions

For further information go on the Dtc Lazio Website


Thursday, 27 December 2018

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