Students 100GB: connected with Sapienza

Those who declare an Isee value higher than 26,000 Euros may also apply for the benefit. Other restrictions remain unchanged

Sapienza provides our students with 35,000 100GB Sim Cards to help them during distance learning.

Attention! The initiative has been extended. SIMs will be active until October 2021.



As of November 30, 2020 the Isee value restriction has been removed, hence you can apply for the Sim Card even if you have an Isee higher than 26,000 Euro. 

You can apply for the Sim Cards if you have an Isee (indicator of economic condition) up to 26,000 euros, you are not a part-time student, and you meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • you are enrolled in a bachelor's degree programme or in a two-year master's degree programme or a single-cycle degree programme in 2020-21;
  • you are enrolled and at most one year "fuori corso" (first year beyond the allotted time to attain a degree) for 2020-21 in a bachelor's degree or master's degree course ex DM 270/04
  • you have been enrolled or are repeating a year for 2019-20 in a bachelor's degree programme or a two-year master's degree programme or a single-cycle degree programme ex DM 270/04 and you are a graduand or have not yet enrolled for 2020-21.


You can request your Sim Card from November 3, 2020 to December 12, 2020.
You can collect it starting from November 9, 2020, and by December 16, 2020, by making an appointment through the application indicated in the "How to do it" section.

After collection, you must activate your Sim card necessarily by 11:59:59 pm on December 22, 2020, otherwise, you will not be able to use the service.

How to do it

1. Access the application with your ID and Infostud password Go to Studenti100giga;
2. Check if you meet the requirements;
3. Choose a TIM shop among those authorised*;
4. Choose day and time (you can cancel your request and time up to 24 hours before the scheduled date of the appointment);
5. Go to the shop on the right day and time with a valid ID card and tax code (codice fiscale);
6. Once you have collected your Sim Card, access the application again and go to the "Attiva Sim" function;
7. Insert the SimCard in your smartphone: in a couple of days, it will be active.

*There are 238 TIM authorised shops, located in the Centre/South of Italy and selected according to the number of students living in the area.
See the map

In case of theft or loss, you will have to report it to the police and send a copy to
If you think you meet the requirements for the Sim Card but the system does not accept your request, you can mail
The Sim card will be active for 9 months, until July 2021 12 months, until October 2021.

Customer Service

Please note: the Tim 119 hotline cannot be used in any way for support requests as it is not enabled to manage the Students 100GB initiative.
For requests on the requirements, please mail Infostud technical assistance also responds to non-technical questions concerning the Students 100GB initiative, by also sending your request to the most suitable recipient, depending on the type of problem reported. Once you apply for your Sim Card you will also receive the selected store's contact number. Please contact the store for any logistic needs.


Read the Regulation (pdf in Italian)


How is the SIM Card configured? Who is the actual owner? Do I have to change my mobile number?

The service provides the student with a SIM card, to be used with any device suitable for housing it (e.g. a portable modem – also called "mobile hotspot" -, a mobile phone, a tablet). The University remains the owner of the distributed SIM cards; the student is registered as a user assignee, after signing an indemnity towards the University and assuming responsibility for the correct use of the service. The Sim card has its own telephone number. The student's personal Sim cards and telephone numbers will not be used for the service; it is therefore not necessary to change any number.

Is the service totally free? Are calls and texts also included in the SIM Cards?

The service is totally free of charge; the University bears the costs. The service provides only data traffic, within the threshold of 100 GB per month (usable on the national territory and within the European Economic Area), does not include telephone calls, text messages or other additional services.

Are there any other stores in addition to those on the map?

The affiliated stores are only those indicated on the map. Please note: during the search phase, the application presents only the available appointments; therefore, an enabled shop that is not available in the time slot searched for, does not appear among the results. Therefore, to consult the complete list of authorised shops, it is necessary to use the map made available on the application itself.

Does Infostud's technical assistance also answer questions that are not strictly technical and that concern the Sapienza 100 Giga initiative?

Infostud technical assistance will receive your questions and will therefore activate the most relevant competence centres, according to the type of problem reported. After the request of your Sim Card, you will also receive the details about the store you have selected, with which you can get in touch for any logistic needs.

Can I delegate a third party to collect the Sim?

Due to operational and procedural restrictions, the authorised shops can only deliver the Sim card to the specific applicant. You cannot delegate a third person to collect it. 

After the nine months of validity, is it necessary to return the card?

At the end of the nine months of validity, the card will be permanently deactivated by the University. The student does not need to return the physical card, which is of zero value and not reusable and can dispose of it.

Those who benefit from various exemptions (e.g. disability, DiscoLazio scholarships) have not declared their Isee because it is not a necessary step for the calculation of their tuition fees; hence they cannot apply. How to solve it?

If you want to access the service, you need to declare a valid Isee on Infostud. Its value must be between 0 and 26,000 euros, and it has to be requested at a Caf (tax advice centre) or on the Inps website.

Can Erasmus students access the benefit?

Erasmus students, since they have no career on Infostud, are not eligible.

The initiative has been organised thanks to the resources co-financed by the Ministry of University and Research aimed at implementing initiatives in support of students. For more details, please refer to the Italian version of this page.

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