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Educational goals

The PhD Course in “Electrical, Materials, Raw Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering” is founded with the scope of creating a truly multidisciplinary third education level, targeted at the study of research topics in different industrial engineering sectors as electrical engineering, materials engineering, primary and secondary raw materials engineering and micro/nanotechnologies engineering. EMNE PhD course is aimed at forming young doctors that can found a highly qualified job more easily than second-level graduated engineers. The course is designed with the scope of responding to the needs and dynamics of industrial world and of the related market, which are looking more and more for high qualification, multidisciplinary expertise, capability of exploiting innovative technologies and methodologies for design and development of new products. The fast growth of micro/nanotechnologies has introduced important innovations in different field of industrial engineering. Cross-fertilization of knowledge and research represents a fundamental step in the education of PhD students that are able to contribute to products and industrial systems innovation. Therefore, EMNE Phd course proposes a novel synthetic approach to combine a wide range of research topics, focused on transversal thematic like the development, characterization and use of materials and technologies, and on vertical ones like the electrical engineering sector. The course responds to the education needs of high-tech industries that are active in different sectors and in the electrical engineering sector. The formation offered to the PhD students is that of a training to the applied research starting from the integration of basic technical and scientific knowledge till the new frontiers of the science in the specific field of the research, focused by the help of a supervisor entrusted to each student. Therefore, EMNE PhD course is aimed at developing and valorizing the student aptitude to scientific research more than to give them an extensive information. The activity of each student will range in the different field of material engineering, micro/nanotechnology, electrical engineering, safety engineering and raw materials characterization and valorization, including recycling of materials. The formative project includes: - a deep study of the problems related to mathematics, physics and informatics and of other basic sciences; - a wider and deeper study of the scientific and technical methodologies of research in the industrial engineering as well as in the electrical engineering; - a wider knowledge of the boundary and support methodologies relevant to the information science and technology as well as industrial economics and organization. The PhD course is organized in three curricula: A) Electrical Engineering A) Materials and Raw Materials Engineering C) Nanotechnology The evolution of the particular occupational situation of the country is considered as a fundamental reference for the selection of the research topics proposed to the students, so that potential advantages in terms of takeover of exiting Ph Doctors in the national and international research and working context can be optimized. Moreover PhD students are supported, by stimulating their participation to Schools and national and international symposia and workshop, in the process of becoming integrating part of the national and international research community.

Exam - Oral

Giorno: 13/9/2019 Ora: 09:30 Aula: Meeting Room Ground Floor Dept. of Astronautics, Electrical and Energetic Eng. Indirizzo: via delle Sette Sale 12b

Tests - Evaluation of qualifications

Giorno: 12/9/2019


Membri effettivi

Prof. Alessio Tamburrano - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof.ssa Daniela Pilone - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Fabio Giulii Capponi - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Mauro Pasquali - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Rodolfo Araneo - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof.ssa Silvia Serranti - Sapienza Università di Roma

Membri supplenti

Prof. Federico Attilio Caricchi - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Ferdinando Felli - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Giampiero Lovat - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof.ssa Maria Sabrina Sarto - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Stefano Natali - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Teodoro Valente - Sapienza Università di Roma



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