Management, Banking and Commodity Sciences

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Educational goals

The PhD in Management, Banking and Commodity Science is a three-year course divided in: Business Management, Banking and Finance and Commodity Sciences. Moreover the Commodity Sciences curriculum is further divided into two areas: Innovation Management and Technical Applicative. The PHD is an advanced course designed to attract young talents with professional profiles aimed at broadening their competencies and skills in the fields of business management, financial-banking and commodities sciences. The main objective is to provide the PhD candidates with a scientific culture and advanced technique, characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach, highlighted by the interconnection between the thematic areas. Such educational program is achieved through the development of a critical attitude towards problems and the ability of scientific inquiry. Therefore the PHD course is designed to transfer knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach according to the main theories and models developed in the Management, Innovation, Environmental, Markets and Financial Intermediaries fields. In the three years of the PhD, candidates will acquire general methodological research skills, and knowledges able to lead students to better define innovative research issues. In order to achieve the objectives indicated, the PhD course is divided into three Curricula that will give particular attention to international studying activities, research and training cooperation agreements, aimed at enhancing the quality of the PhD. This objective, pursued through the membership of a Universities network, is to facilitate cooperation with European, American, Asian and other countries. Such network aims at reinforcing co-supervisions, student and teacher mobility between partner institutions and developing common scientific programs. To this end will be reinforced previous international experience gained in the context of the existing PhD, such as: •the co-supervision agreement between the Universidad de Huelva (Spain); •the agreement with: o the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, o some Russian universities including the University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic; •the internship and join mobility program for PhD, with the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany), the JAMK University of Applied Sciences of Jyvaskyla (Finland), Columbia University, New York (USA) and Villanova Business School (Pennsylvania (USA). All those partnerships will: - strengthen the student’s mobility across EU e non EU universities; - increase the international visibility of PHD thesis and scientific production; - support the PHD course awareness.

Exam - Oral

Giorno: 25/9/2018 Ora: 11:00 Aula: Fabrizi (Ala A, 4° piano Dipartimento di Management, Facoltà di Economia) Indirizzo: Via del Castro Laurenziano, 9 - 00161 Roma

Tests - Evaluation of qualifications

Giorno: 12/9/2018 Ora: 09:00 Aula: Fabrizi (Ala A, 4° piano Dipartimento di Management, Facoltà di Economia) Indirizzo: Via del Castro Laurenziano, 9 - 00161 Roma


Membri effettivi

Prof. Fabrizio D'Ascenzo - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Sergio Barile - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Tutino Franco - Sapienza Università di Roma

Membri supplenti

Prof. Alberto Pastore - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Maurizio Boccacci Mariani - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof.ssa Paola Leone - Sapienza Università di Roma



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