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The PhD course in 'Pharmaceutical Sciences' is involved in a scientific area dealing with pharmaceutical technologies and new chemical processes. Particularly, it is focused on three main chemistry-related subjects which are strictly related to each other: a) Synthesis (or extraction from natural sources and structural determination) of new pharmacologically active substances and development of new synthetic processes and their application to the preparation of biologically active compounds; b) Formulation studies aimed at the optimization of drug therapeutic effects in terms of reduction of undesired side effects, modified release from the dosage form, targeting and patient compliance.c) Development of new analytical procedures for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs, the identification and quantitative determination of impurities and by-products. The PhD course in 'Pharmaceutical Sciences' is aimed at giving PhD students advanced knowledge in the pharmaceutical area and expand their expertise even to favor their entrance in the pharmaceutical industry or in academic or private research laboratories (University, CNR, Mario Negri Institute, etc.) Every PhD student, under the guide of one or more tutors of our Faculty, follows a personal three year training program which allows him/her to specialize in one of the above subjects. Nevertheless, a frequent exchange of information through Schools (PhD students are required to attend at lest three Schools over the three years of the PhD course) and seminars, given by national and international experts (PhD students are also required to give seminars on their own studies at least once a year), will allow PhD students in 'Pharmaceutical Sciences' to widen their knowledge even in areas which are not strictly related to their research. PhD students are encouraged to spend part of their time in foreign Universities both to follow specific courses and to investigate particular topics related to their thesis. Stages in pharmaceutical industries are also encouraged.

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Giorno: 17/09/2018 Ora: 09:00 Aula: Aula A edificio CU019 Indirizzo: P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma

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Giorno: 25/09/2018 Ora: 09:00 Aula: Sala Lauree edificio CU019 Indirizzo: P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma


Membri effettivi

Prof. Claudio Villani - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Franco Mazzei - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof.ssa Stefania Petralito - Sapienza Università di Roma

Membri supplenti

Prof. Gabriele Favero - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Giancarlo Fabrizi - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof.ssa Tommasina Coviello - Sapienza Università di Roma

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