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The PhD program in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics deals with rigorous theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to solve new problems of Applied Mechanics. Applied Mechanics actually combines concepts and techniques from Theoretical Mechanics and other branches of Mathematics to attack complex problems of interest for engineering, thus contributing to the growth of new theories and mathematical constructions inspired by issues arising from emerging technologies. Aim of the program is providing the student with a solid basis of mechanics and the related mathematical foundations needed to attack and solve new problems. In this framework, students are called to investigate and develop innovative experimental and numerical techniques instrumental to the application of original theoretical insight to emerging fields. The program is based on a first block devoted to fundamental aspects, two parallel blocks dealing with experimental and numerical methods in mechanics, respectively, and a third block dealing with specific applications. The student is asked to follow short courses and seminars while developing her/his own research program. At least once in a year she/he will present her/his research work in a public seminar. The research will focus on a specific branch of applied mechanics (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanical systems) and will be described in the final Doctoral Thesis in technical terms. The Thesis will be asked to collect original achievements in the field and will qualify the eventual Philosophy Doctor.

Exam - written

Giorno: 20/9/2019 Ora: 09:00 Aula: Sala del Consiglio (Presidenza di facoltà) Indirizzo: Via Eudossiana, 18 - 00184 Roma

Exam - Oral

Giorno: 26/9/2019 Ora: 09:00 Aula: Aula Videoconferenze (Area Meccanica Applicata - DIMA) Indirizzo: Via Eudossiana, 18 - 00184 Roma


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Prof. Francesco Massi - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Giovanni Paolo Romano - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Giuseppe Ruta - Sapienza Università di Roma

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Prof.ssa Annalisa Fregolent - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Emilio Nicola Maria Cirillo - Sapienza Università di Roma
Prof. Ugo Andreaus - Sapienza Università di Roma

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