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In the coming decades, nations will increasingly have to deal with issues related to energy and the environment in order to ensure truly sustainable development on a global level; in this vision of growth, which combines available resources with respect for nature in all its aspects, interdisciplinary and transnational knowledge and skills assume fundamental importance, being the only ones that allow complex problems to be tackled organically that involve not only more properly technological aspects, but also social, economic and environmental dynamics on ever larger scales. The PhD program in Energy and the Environment guarantees the acquisition of highly integrated multidisciplinary skills and knowledge, in order to train professionals oriented towards the world of research, business, national and international government institutions, and cooperation . These figures will be able to face, making use of the cultural means acquired during the course of the doctorate, the challenge of energy development, in harmony with the protection of the environment and man, in an international context that sees the participation of industrialized countries in the same way emerging and developing. This objective is achieved through five cultural curricula into which the doctoral course is divided: "Industrial and Environmental Technical Physics", "Machinery and Systems for Energy and the Environment", "Nuclear Engineering", "Energy Saving and Distributed Microgeneration ", "Aerospace Engineering". The five courses, while differing in the extent of the in-depth study of various specific contents, have a common cognitive and, above all, methodological basis, such as to guarantee a strong correlation between the different cultural sectors that pertain to the energy, environmental and environmental sciences and development policies. The PhD in Energy and the Environment, which has a duration of three years, is organized in such a way that it is possible to use all the skills present within the five cultural curricula and their respective scientific-disciplinary contents. In particular, since the issues related to energy and environmental sciences and technologies constitute a common heritage for all PhD students, the training structure of the doctorate is organized into a first educational phase dedicated to the deepening of preparatory and basic training topics for research and in two successive phases, aimed, respectively, at the deepening of the more specific aspects of interest of the different cultural addresses and at the development of the thesis.

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