Landscape And Environment

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FRAMEWORK AND SCIENTIFIC AIMS The Doctorate is aimed at training researchers in the field of landscape design and interpretation, capable of dealing with changing contemporary environmental conditions, preventing climate change, ecological crisis, loss of biodiversity, inequalities, from being addressed as a "sector" and not instead as drivers of transversal change in all sectors, and highlighting the growing, equally transversal, value of the landscape project. These extremely complex global challenges have highlighted the need for a paradigm shift in the relationship between man and nature, a Green New Deal, which is already transforming the European Union's policies on climate, energy, transport, agriculture, forests, into agreement with the United Nations sustainable development goals. The right to landscape, as it is emerging within the contemporary disciplinary debate, constitutes an extraordinary space for action for the reduction of inequalities, the overcoming of conflicts, common access to fundamental rights, the protection of the terrestrial environment as “common home”, a space of cohabitation and coexistence.RESEARCH TOPICS The focus of the research themes starts from the assumption that innovation takes place in collaborative constellations, of contamination between different research fields through a fruitful dialogue. The transdisciplinary approach is therefore a tool and not an end, a way of working which, in line with the National Research Plan "serves to bring together different scientific approaches, skills, methods and skills to pursue and solve complex real-life problems, The comparison with the major areas of research connected to the Green New Deal has guided the focus on some themes within the landscape research field: _ health and wellness _ cultural heritage _ social transformations and inclusive society. _ safety and risk reduction for settlements, infrastructures, natural systems and communities _ climate, energy, sustainable mobility _ food products, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture, environment scientific board scientific board is directed by the Coordinatorand composed by scientific members and scientific committee of scholars, experts on landscape issues from foreign universities, Italian universities and research institutions. The training activities (theoretical, methodological and experimental ) in a disciplinary and interdisciplinary field, involve the participation of doctoral students in cultural initiatives, conferences, congresses, seminars and international design workshops, in Italy and abroad, encouraging discussion with organizations and institutions. public.

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