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Migration and development

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Master INPS Executive - Allocated 3 scholarships of € 3,000 each.

The Master program has been granted three INPS EXECUTIVE scholarships of €3,000 each, to be awarded, based on the ranking order, to eligible public employees. The allocation will follow the procedures outlined in the INPS EXECUTIVE Call for Applications 2023-2024.

For more details on the course, consult the documents published on this page:

In the “Ordinamento” document, you will find the objectives, learning outcomes, the amount of the registration fee, and other educational information.

In the “Piano formativo”, you will find the admission requirements, the selection process, the faculty, the plan of educational activities, the expected delivery method, and much more.

In the document "How to apply" you will find all the necessary instructions: how to submit an admission application and by when to make the payment of the due fee.

You have until the 15th of January 2024 to enroll!

For any further information, you can contact the course coordinators using the contact details published on this page.


Educational goals

The Master aims to train professionals capable of addressing the most innovative needs in various sectors of the labor market that, in various ways, require and/or rely on expertise related to the migration phenomenon and the connected themes of sustainable development.


Pierluigi Montalbano

Scienze sociali ed economiche
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(+39) 06 4991 8533

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