Arrival in Italy

Passport Control

As per Schengen Regulations, EU Citizens are not subject to passport controls.

Non-EU Citizens must have the following documents:

  • Visa (if required)
  • Letter of invitation/admission from Sapienza University
  • Medical Insurance
  • Documents on housing in Italy

Declaration of Presence / Residence Permit

Students on Exchange Programmes

  • EU Citizens
    Upon arrival in Italy, EU exchange students do not need to complete any other formalities.
    Please note: students who regularly enrol, must apply for a residence permit.
  • Non-EU Citizens
    For stays up to 90 days, non-EU citizens must complete a Declaration of Presence and presented it at the Police Office (Questura) in their province of residence. Students should always keep a copy of the declaration with them to comply with possible police checks.

The Declaration of Presence is NOT necessary if the student arrives from a country that is NOT part of the Shengen Agreement (the passport stamp substitutes the declaration) or if he resides at a hotel (the hotel presents such documentation automatically).

For stays longer than 90 days, students must request a Residence Permit (Permesso di soggiornowithin 8 days of their arrival in Italy.



  1. Pic, up a “Permesso di soggiorno” Kit at any post office. *
  2. Complete the application following the instructions included in the kit, attach copies of the requested documents and a €16 tax stamp (marca da bollo). ** 
  3. After having completed the application, you must return it to a post office. You will have to pay the fees for the Residence Permit (€ 27,50), mailing expenses (€ 30) and administrative costs (€ 80 - 200, depending on the length of your stay. ***). The post office will issue a receipt that is valid as proof that you have requested a Residence Permit
  4. Applicants will receive a notification, via mail, inviting them to an interview. You must bring 4 passport-type photos to the interview.


* The post offices closest to Sapienza are: on campus (entrance at Viale Regina Elena, 334, Monday-Friday 8.25 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday 8:25 am – 12:35 am); Piazza Bologna, 3 (Monday-Friday 8.20 am – 8:05 pm, Saturday 8:20 am – 12:35 am)

** Tax stamps can be purchased at most tobacconists, newsagents and bars 

*** 3-12 months: € 80; up to 24 months: € 100; more than 24 months: € 200)


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