Auditing and Management Control Office

The Auditing and Management Control Office is directed by a high-level manager responsible for the coordinated and joint planning, as well as promotion, monitoring, control and evaluation of all the sectors that it oversees.
It monitors the conformity of procedures and acts, expense centres and organizational areas, to legislative and internal requirements. It also monitors the efficacy and efficiency of activities and identifies new opportunities for improvement of economic management.
In particular, it manages:
  • Annually programmed control activities through sample assessment of administrative-accounting procedures and acts, based on their typology, importance and financial weight;
  • Provides support and consultancy to individual administrative centres for the identification and promotion of best practices, defining guidelines to standardize operative procedures and homogenise administrative-accounting processes to reduce risk of error and misalignment;
  • Verify the correctness and homogeneity of expense centre accounting;
  • Constant communication with expense centres to promote completion of all tasks assigned to managing directors;
  • Provide support to required auditing activities and reporting on PRIN, FIRB and SIR Projects;
  • Monitoring of platform for the certification of enterprise credits for the public administration, as required by MEF for expense centres;
  • Develop control management as a tool to support governance in pursuing strategic objectives and cutting costs, even by drafting ad hoc plans.

Accounting, Finance and Control Management Area

Auditing and Management Control Office

Head of Office
Ingrid Centomini
Tel. (+39) 06 49910252

Ersilia D’ippolito
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0118
Antonella Molinaro
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0117
Manuela Martinez
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0115
Chiara Pecoriello
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0119
Giusy Pintus
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0115
Franca Raimondi
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0116
Isella Tarsi
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0119
Cristina Lenoci
Tel. (+39) 06 4969 0117
Celeste Trelle
Tel. (+39) 06 4991 0459


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