Donate Blood with Ad Spem

The Ad Spem Blood Donator Association operates on campus, encouraging students, professors and staff to donate blood. The Ad Spem mobile blood collection unit is stationed in front of the Hello Office on the main campus at Sapienza: Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 11:00 am.

Blood donors must be aged 18 to 65, weigh no less than 50 kg, have regular blood pressure, and no cardiac problems. Donors may have a light breakfast beforehand – coffee or tea, fruit juice, and biscuits, but discouraged from drinking milk and/or eating fats. 

Blood withdrawal is painless, risk-free, performed with sterile disposable materials and is always preceded by a checkup with a doctor. Employees who donate blood are given the rest of the day off.

Blood donations are NOT accepted from anyone suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, Hepatitis B or C, HIV, diabetes with an insulin dependence, high hypertension, autoimmunity deficiencies, and chronic kidney diseases. Temporary exclusions may also be required for vaccinations, infective diseases, major surgery, tattoos, blood transfusions, and certain types of medication.

For further information:
Vittoria Ciacci –  AD SPEM Blood Drive
Tel: (+39) 06 49976414



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