Museum night at the Sapienza University

Extraordinary opening Saturday, May 18 of the Sapienza university museums and scientific-cultural dissemination appointments for adults and children

The Sapienza Museum Center is participating also this year in the "European Museum Night 2019" with the extraordinary opening of 11 museums up to midnight: Comparative Anatomy, Etruscan and Italic Antiquities, Anthropology, Classical Art, Chemistry, Contemporary Art Laboratory Museum, MUST, Origins, History of Medicine, Near East Egypt and the Mediterranean, Zoology.

During the day, starting from 10.00 am, families and children will be able to choose among the many activities that are part of the May museum event "Science shows at Sapienza" which aims to bring the public closer to science and culture , through temporary exhibitions, seminars and conferences, recreational-educational workshops, MuSa concerts and guided tours of the collections. With dusk, the activities will continue and converge in those designed for the Night of Museums, which will officially start at 7.00 pm.

Workshops for children

Bio-precious plastic (3-12 years); Treasure hunt (5-10 years); Statue hunting (6-12 years); Play and make a mosaic of a house from ancient Rome (6-9 years); The jewels of prehistory (8-14 years); Meet the Etruscans (5-10 years); Weaves, laces and clothes. Leather processing with flint tools (8-14 years); Masks of ancient theater (5-10 years); Dig with us and learn the profession of the archaeologist (5-10 years).

Concerts, exhibitions and conferences - Night of the Museums

  • At 20.00, the Musa Classica orchestral, conducted by Francesco Vizioli, will play at the Odeion room of the Humanities building. Over a century of music, linked to theater and dance, is the theme of the MuSa concert. Nineteenth and twentieth century historical music: Brahms, Bizet, Orff, Marquez.
  • At 9.00 pm will begin the "Zeus Flash Mob", a set of performances by Theatron - Teatro Antico alla Sapienza.
  • The Museum of Comparative Anatomy will propose a "Vertebrate under a microscope" workshop dedicated to everybody, where observations by light microscope and stereoscope will be possible.
  • At the Museum of Classical Art, at 9.00 pm, the IN VULTU VERITAS exhibition will be inaugurated. Faces of elders between Hellenism and Contemporaneity "by Antonio Finelli, while at the Contemporary Art Laboratory Museum, from 7.00 pm, there will be the inauguration of the exhibition "OBJECT ORIENTED SPACE. Viaggio nelle dimensioni invisibili dello spazio” by Chiara Passa, curated by Elena Giulia Rossi and Antonello Tolve where the spectator is invited to experience the latest frontiers of a research on space that the artist has been pursuing since 1997, when surfing the internet still meant enter a space other than the physical one. At the Museum of the History of Medicine, at 7.00 pm  will be inaugurated  the exhibition "Artificial body parts: il corpo ricostruito" which will be followed at 7.30 pm by the talk aperitif "Protesi, ibridi e cyborg, verso quale futuro?". At the end, at 8.30 pm there will be the screening of the short film "The Nostalgist" (2014).
  • At the Museum of the Origins, at 7.00 pm Professor Spinapolice will hold the conference "I viaggi di Homo sapiens" which will be followed at 9.30pm by the exhibition "Migranti da sempre. Migrazioni, contatti e scambi nella preistoria”. The Museum of Earth Sciences will host at 9.00 pm the lecture by prof Sardella "Fossils come back to life: between real and virtual, between art and science".

The "Museum May" and the European Museum Night are PLASTICFREE events

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