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A Sapienza Professor in the MORE-TEM project team winner of an ERC Synergy Grant 2020

Our University participates with Francesco Mauri of the Department of Physics in the project for the realisation of an electronic nano-spectrometer that will be installed on the website of the University of Vienna

Francesco Mauri of the Department of Physics is in the team of the MORE-TEM project (MOmentum and position REsolved mapping Transmission Electron energy loss Microscope) financed by the European Research Council with a budget of 14 million euros, 2 million of which for the Sapienza node.

The ERC Synergy Grant is a prestigious award that rewards scientific projects of excellence and is intended for groups of a minimum of two and a maximum of four main researchers. The MORE-TEM project aims to develop, build and apply to the study of materials an innovative electronic nano-spectrometer that combines atomic-scale microscopy with Angle-resolved spectroscopy of electron-electron scattering.

The project brings together complementary expertise from leading researchers and companies worldwide. In addition to Francesco Mauri (solid-state physics theorist and expert in the modelling of spectroscopic techniques), it includes Thomas Pichler from the University of Vienna (expert in electron spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy), Kazu Suenaga from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science in Japan (expert in electron microscopy), and Max Haider from CEOS GmbH in Heidelberg (a pioneer in the correction of aberrations in electron optics recognised by the Wolf and Kavli awards). The electronic nano-spectrometer will be installed on the website of the University of Vienna.electronics.

Thursday, 05 November 2020

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