A Tour of the Skill Labs: A Video Introduction to the New Environments for Medical Simulation on Virtual Patients

A video on the Sapienza YouTube Channel presents the new facilities opened at the Umberto I General Hospital with the scientific contribution of Sapienza University and the support of the Fondazione Roma to improve the education and training of medicine students

Sapienza University now has simulated environments: true skills labs equipped with sophisticated devices that allow medicine students to conduct simulations on virtual patients. This will allow students at all levels to practice their skills safely and ethically, before they move on to real human patients.

The new facilities at the Umberto I General Hospital, developed with the support of the Fondazione Roma, are presented in a video published on the Sapienza YouTube Channel that showcases the new services and activities that will take place in these facilities.

The soundproofed labs are equipped with monitors, virtual patients and intelligent dummies that respond to student actions in a realistic manner, simulating pain and producing vital parameters that the medical students can follow on the monitors, just as in a real hospital ward. There are first aid devices to intubate patients with serious traumas, fully-equipped delivery rooms with lights and paediatric tables on which to place the new-born in case they require immediate therapy.

Moreover, the facilities also include a 65-inch digital anatomical chart, the only one currently existing in Italy. The state-or-the-art equipment, which will drive the learning curves of students in a variety of clinical specialisations, reinforcing their ability to work in teams, also includes 3D visualisations of all internal organs to facilitate anatomical knowledge by using real imagery gathered in the cloud from medical centres around the world. 


Thursday, 04 July 2019

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